The Z Redemption Trilogy!


Monterrey, Mexico, the home of the “Zs!”

What if the Government of Mexico were overthrown? How would the United States react?

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If you are a fan of suspense thrillers with life-and-death entanglements, sudden twists, adrenaline rushes, and characters who love passionately, you won’t want to miss these novels of romance and danger, The Z Redemption and Corvette Nightfire!


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The Z Redemption: Meet Ana, David, and the “Zs”!

front-cover Is passionate love the transforming force that forges heroes? David Wilson James, informal adviser to the President of the United States about Latin American drug wars, faces certain death from AK-47 automatic weapons pointing at him by three assailants who have tracked him to the roof of a six-story office building in downtown Monterrey, Mexico. Unarmed, David has precious seconds to save the life of the woman he adores, who is standing to his side. In the streets below, demonstrators pack the vicinity of the Macroplaza to urge peace and restraint on the part of the Mexican Armed Forces who have staged a military coup against the democratic government of Mexico. David’s lover, Ana Valdez, has had much to do with the unrest that led to the coup. On the roof, will David be able to pull off the trick that will save Ana’s life?


David, ex-CIA agent and co-founder with Ana of a youth-resistance group called the Zs, had never anticipated finding passionate love in Mexico with married business woman, Ana Valdez. Ana herself had surprises in life: She unintentionally became a living symbol, a national icon for the Mexican people sick to death of the corrupt government leaders who could not protect them from the bloody excesses of the drug cartels. While trying to hide their affair, Ana and David get sucked into the violent world that they are trying to upend.


In addition to the American President, their friends in high places include the generals of the Mexican Armed Forces who shockingly orchestrate the military coup. When they sequester the President of Mexico and most members of the Federal and State governments, David and Ana feverishly work with the help of the Zs to manage the chaos which ensues in Mexico. Things quickly take a desperate turn when El Gato, a capo in Mexico’s most powerful drug cartel, personally targets David and Ana for his own self-serving purposes: He wants to exploit them in his mission to build a “narco-continent of North America.” The bedlam of civil disturbance in Mexico and in the United States as a result of the coup provides the perfect environment for him to accomplish his goals.

 Redemption can only be achieved through blood and high purpose. Are the personal sacrifices of David and Ana sufficient to pay the ransom that will halt the advance of unconscionable evil? The Z Redemption cuts into the deep entrenchment of organized crime in the world we think we know. It shows the kind of courage ordinary people will be forced to muster in order to stop its cancerous growth.

The cast of characters includes leaders of international drug cartels; military commanders; young Zs like Enrique Santos who will fight for freedom and public safety; and Eduardo Ortiz, the crafty “king maker” behind the scenes of Mexican politics. In the center is David Wilson James, a man whose life of intrigue is book-ended by two passionate affairs with Mexican women who shape his extraordinary life. These are Annie Ortiz, Eduardo’s daughter, who is the ardent flame of David’s youth, and Ana Valdez, the younger woman of David’s older years, for whom David would give his life.

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Background to the Novels

Governor's Palace, Macroplaza, and park, as described in The Z Redemption

Governor’s Palace, Macroplaza, and park in Monterrey, Mexico, as described in The Z Redemption

These are works of fiction, but the violence and heartbreak described in the novels are real. While conducting research through English and Spanish sources, I became appalled to learn the extent to which organized crime has infiltrated governments of countries throughout the world. Wherever there is lack of opportunity for employment and education, where there is indifference to the poor, and where  governments do not protect the people they are supposed to serve, people turn to the ones who give them protection and provide public services. These often are drug cartels, local mafia,  street gangs, or the politicians on the payroll of organized crime.

Drug cartels and organized crime syndicates often operate like efficient and high-tech international corporations, but their products, services, and human resource procedures are perverse and terrifying. In many regions of the world, these organizations come into power through corruption and intimidation of the press. Mexico, for example, is regarded by many as a country without freedom of the press, because journalists have been murdered by the scores in the past several years by the drug cartels, and many newspapers in the country have stopped reporting on their activity. That activity is not limited to the production, transportation, and sale of drugs. The business lines of the “narcos” have expanded into profitable activities such as human trafficking, slavery, extortion, identity theft, kidnapping, burglary, car theft, and theft of natural resources. Their leaders speak of  “narco-continents.” That concept is moving from implausibility to reality at an alarming rate.


Read The Z Redemption for an intensely personal experience of daily life in a world where public safety does not exist. Although you will encounter this through the eyes of characters in the novel, you will not forget that this is very much like the experience of millions of people in the real world. The Z Redemption flashes back fifty years to events impacting the present. It will transport you to places in Mexico and the USA:  Monterrey, Mazatlán, Mexico City, Nuevo León, Houston, and Richmond.  You  will meet passionate characters committed to diametrically opposed world views, characters who sacrifice everything for the people they love, and characters who  give their lives pursuing  justice for victims of crime and senseless brutality.

The horrors described in the novels occur in developed nations! Do the novels provide a glimpse of the future for the United States? Could the Mexican government really be overthrown by people who thirst for justice? The reality of violence and corruption for the beautiful country and wonderful neighbors of Mexico is not that far removed from our daily lives. It becomes more possible the longer we keep our heads in the sand and do not acknowledge what is happening in our countries. 


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