Heroes In Mexico: Love Not Cut by Walls and Borders


The Stories of The Z Redemption

A Coup in Mexico, A Dance in Las Vegas: Heart-Clutching Excitement!

Keep on the run in this cinematographic suspense novel through Mexico, Texas, and Washington in a story of high stakes and stirring love!

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The Z Redemption

In this steamy and romantic suspense thriller based on true life events in Mexico, the author tells the story of ordinary heroes struggling to save lives in the midst of the drug cartel wars. With a military coup as backdrop, Ana Valdez, a Mexican homemaker and political opinion blogger, unwittingly becomes a celebrity of her nation. She and her gringo lover, ex-CIA agent David James, race time to prevent an American invasion and civil war in Mexico!

The country dissolves into chaos when its Army sequesters its President and   government and the anxious USA readies an invading force at the border. In Monterrey, Ana and David rally Mexico’s young people to form the paramilitary “Zs.” Trained to fight with parkour skills and without firearms, the Zs assist the Army in preserving public safety from attacks by the drug cartels. But when the cartels succeed in smuggling Mexico’s most strategic possession, bloodshed and invasion appear to be certain outcomes!

Corvette and Valentina: Their one dance changes destiny in this cinematographic suspense novel that pits three men in a life or death fight for one woman!

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Corvette Nightfire

He is hot, 27, a new World Series of Poker celebrity, and clueless that his destiny will hurl him into a tsunami of danger fifty years in the making. The changes for him begin when a beautiful Mexican woman fleeing gunfire in a casino thrusts a bag loaded with cash into his arms and sprints away. His subsequent hunt for Valentina turns desperate as he becomes the hunted and time runs out for her life to be saved. He disappears from public view into the heinous underworld of the Zetas, where trafficking and kidnapping are ordinary lines of business. In the ruthless world of the cartels, Corvette and Valentina find that love is their only defense.

Generations of family sins have forged Corvette’s character. Now he must reconcile the past with the harsh realities of his present. Set in Las Vegas, Barbados and Mexico, Corvette Nightfire, this second book in the suspense series, The Z Redemption Trilogy, takes up where The Z Redemption leaves off and straps the reader into another bumpy, exhilarating ride!



Supplementary Short Story to Corvette Nightfire

Beautiful latin girl

mini-coverIf you are a suspense thriller fan who likes sudden twists, passionate characters, flawed heroes and plots that push the red line, don’t miss these stories of intrigue!

Plus, enjoy two FREE stand-alone short stories that provide enriching details about the characters! Written in the same fast- paced style as the novels, the short stories take you to worlds you didn’t know existed! Try “Awakening From the Golden Sleep” and “Nightfire!” to whet your appetite!  Click their e-book covers above to receive your FREE short stories!

Book Reviews of the Novels!

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