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Is Sport alien or angel? On a mission or escape?

Sport has memories of multiple births. She remembers flights through space and Sports_Alien_Fantas_Cover_for_Kindle at 1200 dpi and 25%vistas of vibrant silo cities in colorful, faraway lands. People she invents in imagination come alive. Her parents and educators think she’s crazy. Her 1986 road trip is disastrous, and Sport, the cheerful school teacher, is refused help again and again. People gossip that she ages too slowly. Her admirers have questions to which Sport has no answers. But a child savant helps her understand her origins and destiny in Sport’s Alien Fantasy!

M. J. Scott and Daniel Wetta Co-Author Sport’s Alien Fantasy!

MJ Scott in New Town at 10 percentSport’s Alien Fantasy was first written by M. J. Scott in rough draft form in 1986, shortly after the horrifying explosion of the Challenger spacecraft in which the astronauts on board perished, including beloved school teacher, Christa McAuliffe. Editor and publisher, Daniel Wetta, recognized the extraordinary story within the draft novel’s pages. Scott and Wetta then agreed to corroborate on a re-writing to submit to the Kindle Scout campaign. There, the novel garnered nearly a thousand nominations and spent time on the “Hot and Trending” list.

A good part of the story takes place in the 1980s, when today’s digital and international connectivity began to make its impact on man’s daily life on earth. The authors believe that the global connections and disconnections prevalent among human relationships  today can be understood in the symbolism of the Challenger explosion. In the novel, Sport impels the reader to feel the sadness that fearful unwillingness to help others can inflict upon those in dire need, but she also thrills us with the joy of self-realization.

Sport finds a new beginning and a new ending. She lives to be, perhaps, the extra-terrestrial being who can teach us what we need to know to master living and loving one another on our stressed planet.

The Published Books by Author M. J. Scott

marilyn-ebook-week-second-photo-at-13-percent-ps-2-collageDaniel Wetta Publishing (  also proudly publishes other books by author M. J. Scott. An  Excellence Award recipient from Women of Distinction Magazine online, M. J. Scott (USA) is the pen name of Marilyn J. Shafer-Asprey, who has authored Power Steering  and Power Steering 2 through Daniel Wetta Publishing and Journey into Fulfillment and Time on the Turn by Xulon Press.

power-steering-2-cover-at-17-percentYour life is unlimited, and no one, including yourself, has the power to diminish your potential. That is a central theme by M. J. Scott in Power Steering 2, a sequel to the book that introduced seekers of highest destiny to trust in their intuitive senses. In Power Steering 2, the author continues the analogy of “power steering” as the intuitive force inside us that facilitates our journeys in life. In her compilation of narrative-poetic essays, M. J. Scott awakens us to notice coincidences and chance encounters and happenings and consider these as subtle messaging from God. She takes us along on her personal trip in life. Many of the essays describe incidents as they occur for her, and through them we discover beauty, kindness, peace, joy and pathways to higher calling. M. J. has lived a life of encouragement to others. She shows the reader that the power steering of intuition allows one to sense and feel the life of a total stranger. Your smallest encouragements to them may be life-changing. Power Steering 2 is an important continuing of the guidance in the first book to lives of more blessed destinies.

Power Steering ebook cover same as Hardbook thumbnailUsing a car analogy, Power Steering compiles an insightful series of vignette-style articles that illuminate the power of intuitive feelings in our quest to find the roads leading to the illumination of purpose. In this book, Marilyn makes her readers wonder how their lives would be different if they truly trusted a higher power to guide them. What would it be like to tune into a force that works for the benefit and well-being of people in a universe so complex that one can easily feel that his or her significance does not even register?

The “power steering” of intuition makes our passage through life much less tiresome, she explains. Our learning to recognize it and trust it allows us to make the choices in life that most benefit others and ourselves. Through these collections of musings, meditations and anecdotes in both books, M. J. Scott rolls out the panorama of life’s enrichments when one lets intuition take the wheel.

 Marilyn studied education at Manchester College, earning her BS in Education, followed by her MA in Mass Communications at Norfolk State University. She completed all but her dissertation in the doctoral program of Education Administration at California Coast University.  A retired gifted students teacher who began her career working at Dr. Albert Schweitzer Elementary School in Anaheim, California and 20 years in education in the public school systems of two Virginia cities, Marilyn has also spent years with her own photography business and philanthropic work. In 2015 she became co-founder of The Writer’s Council, an organization serving to encourage aspiring writers to achieve their dreams to become published.  

The Power Steering books are currently available in e-book form and print exclusively through Amazon. If you have an e-reader other than a Kindle (such as a Nook or Apple I-pad or only a PC, for example), you can download the Kindle viewer app for free from Amazon and read the Power Steering e-books on any device.

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Now you can hear an interview with this energetic, vivacious author on podcast! For ten years, radio personality Neal Steele of Extra WXGM, 99.1 FM, in Gloucester, Virginia, has done monthly interviews with members of the Chesapeake Bay Writers. Marilyn was the featured author in July, 2016, and the recording of her interview can be heard by clicking this link to Soundcloud:  Radio Podcast with M. J. Scott (USA)

The author’s two previously published books are Journey Into Fulfillment and Time on the Turn by Xulon Press and available for sale online at Barnes and Noble. Click on the book cover photos below to go to the Barnes and Noble pages for these books!

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First Review of Power Steering!

Power Steering is creative, descriptive and beautifully done. The book reminds me of special places and times in my own life. At times you feel it could have been written about you! It steers you right into the writer’s mindset as Ms. Scott was writing the book.  Her beautiful prose touched me and made me feel as if I were right beside her in the passenger’s seat; seeing and feeling her memories as she wrote.  In the process, you may even learn a little about yourself. It was a great read and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be uplifted.”  Connie L. Buechele, reviewer and classmate of M. J. Scott.

Learn more about Marilyn and her Excellence Award in Women of Distinction Magazine! Click the photo below!

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