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Free Short Story! “Awakening From the Golden Sleep”

Supplementary Story to The Z Redemption novel!
Short story supplement to The Z Redemption!

Short story supplement to The Z Redemption!

 This supplementary short story is about the Mazatlán childhood of Ana Valdez, a principle protagonist of The Z Redemption and Corvette Nightfire novels. Ana grew up to become one of the true heroines and patriots of Mexico when she was in her thirties. Her life had always been privileged, especially enriched by her older father’s love. She never knew another love so genuine until she fell into passionate romance with David James, a gringo twenty-two years her senior. Discover in this story the experiences Ana had as a child that helped to form her feisty and compassionate spirit that served her when she became President of Mexico!

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Free Short Story! “Nightfire!” (The Corvette Nightfire Prequel)

Supplementary story to the Corvette Nightfire novel!

Nightfire! is the short-story prequel to the novel, Corvette Nightfire, the second volume of The Z Redemption Trilogy. This 9,000 word short story tells the mystery of Día and Luna, the Tarahumara natives who were Corvette’s unknown grandparents. Inhabitants of the Copper Canyon in Chihuahua, northern Mexico, Día and Luna married while teenagers. They became seduced and enslaved by the Mexican drug-cartel men invading the mountains of their homeland to grow poppy and marijuana. The Tarahumara natives were famous world-wide for their ability to run for days in the mountains and steep canyons of their lands in Chihuahua. The drug cartels forced many of the young Indian men and women to give up their lands and to run their marijuana through the desert and across the border to the United States. 

Supplementary Short Story to Corvette Nightfire

Supplementary Short Story to Corvette Nightfire

Written in the fast-paced style of the novels of The Z Redemption trilogy, Nightfire! is a stand-alone short story that enriches the second book of the series (Corvette Nightfire). Día’s plan to escape the drug cartel with Luna gets complicated by the birth of their son, Rogelio, in Texas in 1963. Moving and suspenseful, the story describes what Rogelio failed to find out about his parents when, as an adult, he made several journeys to Mexico to try to find out what had become of his parents. It was Rogelio’s son, Corvette, who years later learned how his destiny had been proscribed by what Día and Luna had done fifty years earlier !

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Bonus Material: Parkour! The Z Rules of Life!

cropped-cropped-thumbnail-267x320.jpgThe young men and women who are the “Zs” are on fire for a better Mexico and a better world! Trained in parkour-style urban athletics, the running and jumping Zs have a strong movement in the border states of the United States as well. Each member carries a card that describes the Z Creed on one side and the Eight Rules of Life on the other. Discover their commitment to fitness, integrity, and training for public safety.

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From the Diary of Annie Ortiz:

¡Deja que tu corazón purgue el dolor de la pérdida! Vives una canción triste un rato, pero vives para cantar belleza cuando estés curado. (Let your heart purge the sorrow of  loss! You live a sad song for a while, but you live to sing beauty when you are healed.)

Quote From Ana Valdez:

“We need heroes, David. There are millions of ordinary people who have heroes inside themselves to be awakened. We need heroes who lead!”

Smiling deathInterview with Ana Valdez!

This interview originally appeared on the Blog, Lady With Books, on July 18, 2013.  To read this interesting interview with Ana Valdez, one of the main characters of The Z Redemption, please click the mask icon to the side.

Click photo of mask for the Interview with Ana Valdez!


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