Author Sharon Dillon

Laughter, Peace and Joy

Gemstones_and_Dimes_Cover_for_Kindle at 33 percent and 300 dpiNEW announcement! Daniel Wetta Publishing is excited to have published author Sharon Dillon’s new book, Gemstones and Dimes, unique in several ways. Sharon is a humorist who attends biennial Erma Bombeck writers workshops and a blogger who provides methods and insights for people to live happy, productive lives. Her new book contains three sections: short stories, humorous pieces and articles reflecting on life in delightful accounts. I snapped the photo on the cover of her great-grandson when I asked him to look at me with joy as he held gemstones in his hands. What a great job he did! The book’s title comes from the names of the first two short stories in the book. As an anti-depressant and a reading pill for laughs, I recommend Sharon’s book. Available on Amazon in print and e-book:

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Sharon Dillon’s first book in e-book form and print is Echoes of Your Choices. For those who long that peace and joy would replace the pettiness, anger and frustrations of daily life, Sharon’s meditative and compassionate guide is a must to add to your personal library.

Ebook Cover Echoes at 25%For several years, Sharon has delighted her followers through her posts on her blogsite entitled, “Laugh Your Way to Peace, Love and Joy.” In her first book, the author curates the best articles from these postings from the section, “Thoughts to Ponder,” and arranges them in thematic chapters. Sharon’s mission from the beginning has been to write to bring peace, joy and laughter to all who seek to find a true and destined path in their hectic lives. Drawing from the pain and joy of her own life experiences, Sharon teaches practical methods for living a peaceful, happy and balanced life. The markers along the path that she sets for the reader, compassion and love, are the same as those she has established on her own path. Life, Sharon believes, must be fun as well as serious and spiritual as well as practical.


Over the years, Sharon has been a reporter for several newspapers and magazines in both Wisconsin and Virginia. Writing on a deadline helped her quickly hone her skills. She has loved books since the first time her mother read her a story. Always providing her new subjects for learning and personal growth, books have been a staple of her life, bringing her comfort, joy, shivers of fear, and the full spectrum of emotions. She grew up in Ohio, lived and worked in several states, and finally settled in Virginia after retiring from 25 years’ employment with the State of Wisconsin. She now works part-time jobs that are fun at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation. Meeting new people daily in these jobs provides her ideas for writing and expands her world view.

Review of Echoes of Your Choices by author  and professor Barbara McClennan: Link to Amazon review. “Sharon Dillon’s ‘Thoughts to Ponder,’ a blog put up regularly on her website, is designed to give encouragement to the anxious, old wisdom to the young and foolish, and happy thoughts to those in sorrow. A gifted humorous writer, Dillon’s words, often drawn from personal experience, offer warmth, kindness and generosity. ‘Thoughts to Ponder’ seeks to give a spiritual lift; it entertains as well.”


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The author is a frequent attendee of the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshops, a member of the Chesapeake Bay Writers, the Williamsburg Writers Group, the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, and Southern Humorists.

Echoes of Your Choices is now available in e-book form for $3.99 on Amazon and $10.95 in print. Like Gemstones and Dimes above, if you are a Kindle Unlimited Subscriber, Sharon’s book is available to you to read through that service.

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