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Dream It and Do It!

The writing world has changed in the last decade. Now writers become authors who assume the costs and risks of publishing and marketing. It sounds scary, but this responsibility means that your dream of self-publishing is achievable! Whether you are an experienced author (maybe even one published through traditional publishing houses) or a writer just starting on your first project, I have services and counsel for your needs and budget.


“I published traditionally in the past. I decided I wanted the control and freedom of self publishing.” Author M.J. Scott

Why I Want You to Succeed

You have something important to say. If you want the world to hear you, no one should deny you the opportunity to publish! You can do it! At age 59, my life-changing experience, the murder of a friend by a drug cartel in Mexico, compelled me to honor the young man by writing novels about the cartels and the ruthlessness of their killings. This evolved into the business of helping other writers who want to publish. I found that authors who have published with traditional publishers, large or small, also consider the indie alternative. Why? Control and better compensation.


What You Decide

You pick the services that you need: consulting, editing, formatting, jacket design, publishing or promotion. I discuss with you where you are in the writing process and what is required for publication. Then together we customize the program of services for your budget.

Corrected final book coverPublish Your Books!

 mini-cover PUBLISH NOVELS: I prepare and format your novel’s Word manuscript in three different files. One file format is for submission to CreateSpace for print books. Another is uploaded to Amazon for the Kindle. The third goes to Smashwords or Pronoun for distribution of e-books to online book retailers like Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Kobo, Apple, and the Google Play Store!

An_Artist's_Life_Cover_for_Kindle PUBLISH NON-FICTION INCLUDING ILLUSTRATIONS: Non-fiction has special formatting challenges, especially with diagrams, illustrations and photographs. My experience publishing many illustrated books of art will save you time and frustration so that you can do what you like best: write, paint, or take pictures!

 Power Steering ebook cover same as Hardbook thumbnail PROMOTE THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA: Your novel or illustrated book is published. Now consistent management of promotional social media is key to getting your books in front of readers! I get you started with websites, landing pages and publication announcements to my thousands of followers in social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook Page, Pinterest, and Google Plus.

Why Choose Daniel Wetta Publishing?

To publish worthy works by authors with heart and vision at affordable rates is my only business. I keep things simple for you. In addition to text publications, I also have experience with publishing illustrated works in e-books and print. You want the widest possible readership.
Daniel Wetta Publishing takes on manageable workloads so that your work receives full and timely attention. My personal service is tailored to your needs and budget! Our communication is key to your success!
 I offer customized services for most writing genres: short stories, novels, non-fiction, art and photography books, essays, poetry and blogs.
 I help you build a portfolio of published work so that you can become known in the shortest timeframe.


Contact Me

Contact me by private e-mail for a listing of my affordable rates for editing, formatting, jacket design, publishing or marketing at cursillo86@gmail.com

Website: www.danielwetta.com

Twitter: @Cursillo86

Instagram: @Cursillo86

Facebook: www.facebook.com/wettabooks

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Daniel Wetta Publishing

Writing and publication counsel that fits your budget!

Your Books!
Your Art!
Your Dreams!
Daniel Wetta Publishing
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Beautiful, Glossy Books In Print:

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 Available Online at Amazon, CreateSpace, and Barnes & Noble!

The Z Redemption and Corvette Nightfire: Suspense/thriller fiction! To live again, you must love again! Ordinary people must sacrifice everything to stop unbearable evil! Set in Mexico, Barbados and Las Vegas! “Jump, mi amor!”

An Artist’s Life, New Orleans Framed: Full color illustrations from the life work of 87-year-old artist, Dan Wetta! Loaded also with stories of old New Orleans and humorous cartoons!

An Artist’s Vision, Twenty-Twenty: Artist Dan Wetta’s second full color compilation of paintings, hilarious cartoons, and heartfelt stories of life in New Orleans and Virginia long gone by!

An Artist’s World, Tricks of Illusion: The artist’s third book of paintings, cartoons, and stories largely concludes his life’s collection and features his unique stain glass designs painted on canvas!

Sport’s Alien Fantasy: The electrically charged corroboration between authors M. J. Scott and Daniel Wetta that brings a mystery of super-human dimensions. Is Sport an alien on a mission or escape, or is she crazy like some believe? In the end, a child savant makes the call!

Power Steering and Power Steering 2: Author M. J. Scott’s poetic-narrative books of reflections, memories and meditations that reveal intuition as a means to bring a person to life choices that lead to the best possible destiny!

Echoes of Your Choices: Author Sharon Dillon, well known blogger and humorist, compiles thematic articles from her blogs that illustrate how we can replace anger, frustration and feelings of low esteem with laughter, love and joy.

Caminos de Fuego: Entirely in Spanish, Caminos de Fuego written by Daniel Wetta (and translated by Emilio Bernal-Zubieta of Monterrey, Mexico) consists of two short stories of suspense and love.  “Awakening from the Golden Sleep,” describes the childhood of Ana Valdez, who grew up in Mazatlán, Mexico in the 1980’s and who, as an adult, became the President of Mexico in Wetta’s novel, The Z Redemption. Intelligent, beautiful and mischievous, Ana is a protagonist you will never forget! “Nightfire,”  explains the mystery of Día and Luna, two indigenous Tarahumara natives who were the grandparents of Corvette Nightfire in the novel of the same name by Daniel Wetta. Inhabitants of the Copper Canyon in Chihuahua in northern Mexico, Día and Luna, married in adolescence, are seduced and later enslaved by men of the drug cartel who invaded their territory to grow marijuana and poppy. 

Click on any book cover below to visit the book’s site on Amazon!

Sports_Alien_Fant BookCoverPreview4 for print book 400 dpi 50%

 BookCoverPreviewCaminos_de_Fuego_Cover_for_Kindle thumb
An_Artist's_Life_Cover_for_Kindle  Power Steering 2 Cover at 17 percent

An_Artist's_Vision_Cover_for_Kindle (147x220)

BookCoverPreview[1] bookcoverpreview

 Suspenseful, Romantic E-books by Daniel Wetta

Meet the heroes you want on your side! Ana Valdez, David James, Corvette Nightfire, Valentina Garza, Enrique Santos, and, of course, the Zs! Buckle up for the ride of your life through time in Mexico, Texas, Virginia, Las Vegas, and Barbados! Along the way, experience the excitement of a climactic ending at the World Series of Poker in Corvette Nightfire, with scenes written by editor and story contributor, Robert Selfe! What price would you pay to save the ones you love? Click the icons below for more information!

Beautiful latin girl

Nightfire! cover imagez-redemption-comp-2-3front-cover


El Artista: Seven-Volume Collection of Art and Stories by Artist, Dan Wetta:

The artist, 89-year-old father of authors Daniel and Stephen Wetta, has put nearly his entire life’s collection of work in this seven volume e-Book series! In each volume, click on the pictures to view the details of the paintings and cartoons in enlargement! Enjoy the stories of the artist’s life as he grew up in New Orleans, went to a Catholic seminary in high school and college, and observed the world with unique vision and insight as he lived his life. Hugely talented, the artist entertains with images of his acrylic paintings, works in crayon, marker, water colors, and pen-and-ink, and his cartoons. Experience a history you could not imagine! Click any icon below for more information!

Volume 1

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 3

Volume 5

Volume 5

Volume 4

Volume 4

Last But Not The End Cover

Volume 7

Volume 6

Volume 6

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