Author/Artist Dan Wetta

Master artist Dan Wetta

At 91 years old, I am the author of my life’s work of paintings, cartoons, and stories in electronic and print form through my son’s publishing company, Daniel Wetta Publishing.

My 7 E-books Just $2.99 Each

The seven volume e-book series of my art is entitled: El Artista: A Lifetime of Curiosity. Each book is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Smashwords, and all online e-book retailers for just $2.99. I recommend Smashwords, which can handle all formats for any viewer. The Smashwords link is

My 3 Print Books $39.95 Each

The beautiful print editions include all my art and cartoons and expand the stories of my life in New Orleans, Louisiana during the 1930s and 40s. The cover images for my three volumes (An Artist’s Life, An Artist’s Vision, and An Artist’s World) are below. These are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and CreateSpace and may be ordered by most book stores. The best link for these is, or if you click the book cover photos below, it will open the Amazon site for these.

As an artist, I have exhibited at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and I was a member of the Richmond, Virginia Artists Association for about fifteen years.

Why I own my life collection:

The Richmond Artists Association used to exhibit at malls and other public places in the 1960’s and 70’s. One day a City of Richmond License Agent came by one of our exhibits with a note book and wrote down the names of artists who did not have a City Sales Tax License. When I got the City license, the IRS said I had to file a quarterly employee return even though I had no employees, and then the State said I had to get a business license. Then the malls got worried about liability and required us to get individual liability insurance. Rules and regulations were taking up so much of my painting time that I said to heck with it, and quit exhibiting. As a result, I have accumulated hundreds of paintings, drawings and cartoons over the years. The publication of this art in books enables me to share my art truly at a global level.

The third volume is released!

The third volume is released!

About My Life’s Collection of Work

My entire collection of original works is available for private acquisition by collectors, galleries or museums.

I have divided my works into three collections, each collection defined by the art in my three print books: An Artist’s Life, An Artist’s Vision, and An Artist’s World. These three collections (or all as a whole) are available for private acquisition by collectors, galleries or museums.

 For additional information regarding my collections and  inquiries regarding pricing, please contact my son, author Daniel Wetta, Jr., via e-mail at for a confidential response.

To see some of my paintings and cartoons, please see the works I selected in Google Plus Collections:


3 thoughts on “Author/Artist Dan Wetta

  1. billholland605

    I was fortunate to meet Mr. Wetta who then appeared as a warm-hearted person in love with the essence of life itself. After viewing his art and reading a sampling of his work, my description of him requires amendment–he is a highly talented warm hearted person willing to share his vision. Wow! What a wonderful experience for me

    Bill Holland
    Principal Founder
    College to Career Catalyst, LLC

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  2. Stephanie Benson Cornett

    I have been going through boxes of old papers and came across Dan Wetta’s business card when he was CFO at John Randolph Hospital. I used to work at Peat Marwick Mitchell in Richmond, VA with Jay Ellis and spent time working with Dan at John Randolph. My name was Stephanie Benson at the time. Although that was 30 years ago I kept Dan’s business card as he was a special person to work with. I decided to google Dan’s name and find it so wonderful to see his paintings and find out that he has written books. I’ve been in Charlotte for the past 30 years but still have family in Richmond. It would be so much fun to catch up!!


    • Hi Stephanie! I remember you! Thank you for your kind words. The paintings are done by my father, whose name is Dan Wetta. He turns 90 in a couple months, but I will be publishing his 4th print book of art and stories by then. He still paints and writes. I have written two novels, two short stories, and co-authored a third novel. I have published books for about 10 authors. If you are on FB or any of the social media sites, friend me and we can catch up with each other. Has it really been 30 years? OMG, haha! Best wishes and many thanks!


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