Finding the Spirit of Christmas


Finding the Spirit of Christmas – It’s in Presence!

poster1535291046035Daniel Wetta Publishing is pleased to announce the latest book from prolific author M. J. Scott, Finding the Spirit of Christmas, available through pre-order now on Amazon and to be published October 2, 2018! This little book is timeless in its discoveries of kindness and compassion in ordinary events of our days and opens the door to knowing the spirit of Christmas throughout the entire year. When you think about gifts for family, friends and associates, Finding the Spirit of Christmas is a considerate and easy-to-send gift that will be remembered well beyond this holiday season. It is available as an e-book on pre-order now and as a lovely print book October 2. Those who order the print book can choose to receive also the e-book for free. Exclusively on Amazon, Finding the Spirit of Christmas as a Kindle e-book may be viewed on any electronic device (including Nook, iPad and Android devices) by downloading the Kindle viewer application, free on Amazon.

Book cover Kindle jpg 33 percent 1200 dpiTransported unexpectedly one brisk December day into the clouds with astonishing rapidity by two cloud-dog angels, M. J. Scott looked down on her Virginia home town and saw opportunity everywhere to find the spirit necessary to prepare for the arrival of the approaching Christmas. From above, ordinary life looked small but extraordinary in its potential to transform people. She promised the cloud angels that if released, she would find the partners to help her look for the spirit of Christmas in the hours, minutes and seconds of ordinary days remaining before the 25th. In Finding the Spirit of Christmas, she invites the reader to come with her on daily December discoveries of light, compassion and beauty to share through miniscule acts of kindness the simplest, yet greatest, gift: Presence. It is the gift that endures throughout the year.

Ordering and sending the book as a gift is simple. The e-book on pre-order is $4.99, and the print book to become available October 2 is $11.00. For more information, click this link to the Amazon page: Finding the Spirit of Christmas by M. J. Scott


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