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Proudly Present The Last Steps of Christopher:

Book cover Pronoun ebook 25 percentOn November 29, 2006, Christopher Kleinwachter died in the war in Afghanistan while serving our country in the National Guard. I am proud to publish his mother’s book, The Last Steps of Christopher. Author Carmen Kleinwachter’s moving volume of poems, prayers and essays is a offering of thanksgiving to her son for his service, to the men and women of our Armed Forces and to the military family who supported her in the time of worst possible grief that can be borne by a parent. This is a book of healing for the author, and she intends that it be helpful to any enduring the pain of losing a son or daughter. This 59 page booklet is full-color with photographs of the National Guard in Afghanistan and of Christopher, who gave his life for the good of our country.

Words from the Author

National Guard comfort pd photoThe Last Steps of Christopher was written mainly as a thank you to the military and national guard for what they did for me and my family.   We can never repay all their efforts and love put to our family in laying Christopher to rest. The story of Christopher’s death and the horrible pain it brought me now will be a source of healing for many. My book is a gift to others who have lost a loved one in serving our country in any way.
I am a small-town farm girl who played in sports and held the shot-put title for many years after I graduated. I gave a half-hearted prayer to give God the glory for my athletic successes. I followed in the footsteps of three sisters who excelled in sports.

Carmen book photo use jpgBeing a red head and having an extroverted personality presented me many challenges. I went to college for a short time to receive an Associate of Arts degree.   Then I decided I would work for a while . I met my ex-husband at  a wedding.  We got married, had four children and then separated after 14 years of not holy bliss.   Despite many years of struggles, I kept my spirits up. On my jobs,  I was awarded “Employee of the Month” three times; I became the top verifier at a telemarketing company; and I was nominated for Hospitality Award of Grand Forks, North Dakota.

I would not be who I am today had it not been for many hills and valleys of life.  It is through the facing of challenges that we build our character and moral strength.

The Last Steps of Christopher

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