Killers, Heroes, and Lovers!



Ana Valdez and David James desperately manage the chaos in two nations after a military coup in Mexico! They would have little hope of preventing much larger disaster without the fiery commitment of friends in high places and the “Zs,” Mexican and American youths trained in parkour-style fighting. With sexual passion and love for each other so intense, nothing can subvert their loyalty to each other!print-jacket

David and Ana are back again in Corvette Nightfire, but this time it is Corvette and Valentina Garza who must find their way in an upside world of organized crime and disturbingly perverse evil. Monterrey, Mazatlan, Mexico City, Chihuahua in Mexico; Texas, Virginia, and Las Vegas in the USA; and Barbados in the Caribbean…exotic locales, breathtaking action, fevered passions! The first two novels of The Z Redemption trilogy!

Monterrey and Las Vegas: A Tale of Two Cities!

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