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In the midst of a coup in Mexico and a torrid love affair with a gringo CIA agent, Ana Valdez came to lead her nation to healing from the horrors of the cartel wars. This fiction occurs in the novel, The Z Redemption. But Ana’s privileged childhood in Mazatlán in the 1980s forged her courageous character and feisty spirit. If you know her as a girl, you will want to know her as an adult. Click the DANIEL WETTA PUBLISHING LINK, download this short story prequel for FREE!

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I write my stories to let you know about brave people I met while living in Mexico. Almost everything I write comes from the headlines of Spanish-sourced news reports in Mexico and the USA and from my own personal experiences. I have found that the happiest, most fulfilled people are the ones who live and die passionately. Outraged and craving justice, often courageous because of love and carnal yearning for another, the characters in my stories move with the energy of bonfire. I have known these people in real life, and I envy them.

Killers, Heroes, and Lovers!



Ana Valdez and David James desperately manage the chaos in two nations after a military coup in Mexico! They would have little hope of preventing much larger disaster without the fiery commitment of friends in high places and the “Zs,” Mexican and American youths trained in parkour-style fighting. With sexual passion and love for each other so intense, nothing can subvert their loyalty to each other!print-jacket

David and Ana are back again in Corvette Nightfire, but this time it is Corvette and Valentina Garza who must find their way in an upside world of organized crime and disturbingly perverse evil. Monterrey, Mazatlan, Mexico City, Chihuahua in Mexico; Texas, Virginia, and Las Vegas in the USA; and Barbados in the Caribbean…exotic locales, breathtaking action, fevered passions! The first two novels of The Z Redemption trilogy!

Monterrey and Las Vegas: A Tale of Two Cities!

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Nightfire! is the short story prequel to the novel, Corvette Nightfire, which is the second volume of The Z Redemption Trilogy. This 9,000 word short story explains the mystery of Día and Luna, the Tarahumara natives who were Corvette’s grandparents. Inhabitants of the Copper Canyon in northern Mexico, Día and Luna, married while teenagers, became seduced and then enslaved by the Mexican drug-cartel men who invaded the mountains of their homeland to grow poppy and marijuana. The Tarahumara natives were famous world-wide for their ability to run for days in the mountains and steep canyons of their lands in Chihuahua, Mexico. The drug cartels forced many of the young Indian men and women to give up their lands and to run their marijuana through the desert and across the border to the United States.

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Written in the fast-paced style of the novels of The Z Redemption trilogy, Nightfire! is a stand-alone short story that also provides enriching detail to the second volume in the series (Corvette Nightfire). Día’s plan to escape the drug cartel gets complicated by the birth of his son, Rogelio, in Texas in 1963. Moving and suspenseful, the story describes what Rogelio failed to find out about his parents when, as an adult, he made trips to Mexico to try to find them. It wasn’t until Rogelio’s son, Corvette, made a trip to the Copper Canyon in northern Mexico that the impact on the grandson’s destiny by the actions of Día and Luna began to be understood!

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Secret Report: Mexican Drug Kingpin El Chapo Guzmán Used 747 Jets, Submarines, To Flood U.S. With Drugs


Joaquin “El Chapo” (Shorty) Guzman, the incarcerated and still powerful head of Mexico’s Cartel of Sinaloa

Secret Report: Mexican Drug Kingpin El Chapo Guzmán Used 747 Jets, Submarines, To Flood U.S. With Drugs.

Forbes Magazine: 11/24/2014 Article by Dolia Estevez. Drawing by Angelica Pettingell

Mexican drug lord Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán used his personal fleet of Boeing 747 jets, speedboats, amphibious vessels submarines, tractor trailers and freight trains to ship tons of illegal drugs from South America to Mexico and then to major U.S. cities, a secret testimony filed in U.S. District Court in Chicago early this month reveals.

The previously sealed statement by Chicago drug-dealing twin brothers Margarito and Pedro Flores gives the first inside look into El Chapo’s extraordinary logistical capabilities and lucrative, well-organized network that adhered to strict operational rules set by Guzmán.

Before he was hunted down by a joint U.S-Mexico law enforcement operation in his home state of Sinaloa in February, Guzmán had successfully avoided being caught for 13 years by paying bribes and having a broad network of corrupt law enforcement officials on his payroll. Guzmán ran the Sinaloa Cartel, a multibillion-dollar criminal organization, which despite his incarceration continues to be the number one supplier of illegal drugs in the U.S.

According to the 20-page partially-redacted testimony by the brothers, key witnesses in the $1 billion drug conspiracy to bring narcotics to Chicago and other cities, Guzmán had “multiple 747 aircrafts” with all the seats removed that he used to transport cocaine from Central and South America to Mexico disguised as humanitarian aid.

“Chapo would arrange to have shipment of clothing sent to Central America as part of a humanitarian aid project. Once the planes landed in Central America, the clothing was offloaded and up to 13 tons of cocaine was loaded onto the plane for the return to Mexico,” the document says.

The planes landed in Mexico City’s International Airport where the cocaine was unloaded and driven out with the help of corrupt Mexican authorities described in the statement as El Chapo’s “contacts.”

The brothers have been in witness protection for more than five years in what has been called the most significant drug case in Chicago’s history. Their collaboration with prosecutors has so far resulted in charges against 13 defendants, including Guzmán himself.

Their testimony, dated June 4 2009, was unsealed in advance of this week’s sentencing of Alfredo Vásquez-Hernández, whom prosecutors allege was a lifelong friend of Guzmán, his international logistics chief, and the godfather to his son, Alfredillo. On Monday, Chief U.S. District Judge in Chicago Ruben Castillo sentenced Vásquez-Hernández to 22 years in prison. Vásquez-Hernández–who was extradited to face charges in 2012–was the Flores’ main contact in the Sinaloa Cartel. Known as “Alfredo Compadre,” he made arrangement for transporting both cocaine and cocaine proceeds.

The brothers admitted they used Chicago as a distribution hub for shipping Guzmán’s drugs to 30 wholesale customers in New York, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Columbus, Detroit, Los Angeles and Vancouver. They said their network expanded over a decade and at its peak sold up to two tons of cocaine a month in Chicago alone.

“On behalf of Chapo… Alfredo (Vásquez-Hernández) … was involved in the transportation of cocaine from Colombia to Mexico in submarines and ‘submergibles,’ or semi-submersible vessels… and facilitated the transportation of cocaine in rail cars,” they testified.

By 2007 they were moving almost all of the cocaine that was distributed in “semi-trucks and trailers with trap compartments in the roof.” The brothers said they invested in the submarines with Vásquez-Hernández, and paid him $600,000 to set up a furniture company that they used as a front for importing drugs into Chicago in the walls of rail cars and trucks.

Signed by Pedro Flores on behalf of both brothers, the testimony says that Vázquez-Hernández also handled the logistics of transporting large shipments of bulk currency from drug proceeds, including the transportation of payments made to El Chapo by his customers and payments made by El Chapo to his sources of supply.

For the first time since 2009, Mexican drug lord Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán is out of Forbes’ list of The World’s Most Powerful People. He is currently in a high-security prison near Mexico City. Despite multiple indictments against him in the U.S., the Mexican government says there are no plans to extradite him.

Trivia from The Z Redemption Trilogy






Robert Selfe, the editor of the books in The Z Redemption Trilogy, has written an interesting article of trivia about the writing of the novels. In the near future I will post the entire piece on the author website. I think the growing number of readers of these two (eventually three) novels will very much enjoy Robert’s notations. Here is a brief excerpt:

“When The Z Redemption was finished, it was too long, so several chapters were shortened and combined. One chapter was left out of the book but posted on line as “Awakening from the Golden Sleep.”

Originally, the second novel was supposed to be a prequel, and Robert had begun research on Pablo Escobar, the Columbian drug lord. Escobar, like David, was born in 1949, and the novel was intended to parallel the life and career of these two men. After a few months, Robert asked for a new direction for the sequel because the story of David’s descent into a dark place was just too depressing. 

Daniel came up with an alternate story. He envisioned a character named Corvette Nightfire walking into a casino just as a beautiful woman comes running out and, after shoving a duffle bag into his arms, runs off. That’s all there was. The rest of the story grew from there….”


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Romance, exotic places, and heart-stopping thrills missing from your life? Do you really want another summer of slow? Juice it up with Corvette Nightfire, a five-star thriller guaranteed to work! Hey, enter to win the beautiful, glossy paperback! I am trying to make this easy for you! Just click the book to enter. Share with your friends…they need a life too!

Excerpts From Reviews of “Corvette Nightfire!”



“”Corvette Nightfire’ quickly establishes that this book is as likely to break your heart as it is to send it racing…A fabulous read, ‘Corvette Nightfire’ is high stakes and fast paced all around and the reader is all the better for having taken the ride!”  (Paige Mitchell, Goodreads reviewer).

“To say this is a fast-paced thriller would be an understatement, it’s a book that grabs you from the very first paragraph, buckles you into the passenger seat and doesn’t let you out until the ride is over.  Not only is this a great story, it is full of interesting details surrounding the Mexican culture, which the Authors manage to integrate into the plot seamlessly.  Tightly written and right on track every step of the way, this is a book that will leave you breathless to the very end.”  (Cate Agosta, Reviewer and Blogger, Cate’s Book Nut Hut, September 8, 2014)

“A triumph…The settings, the language and the depiction of both professional gambling and life inside a cartel all feel authentic. Wetta’s first book was more about the struggle in Mexico against drug cartels. This book continues that theme, but adds new protagonists, a new setting and a vivid love story. I highly recommend this compelling thriller.”  (Nancy Stancill, author of “Saving Texas”).

“Fast-Paced Suspense Novel with Romance, Drug Cartels, and Plenty of Action.”  (E.Lucas, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer).

“Great read!…The action was so fast-paced and well-built that I had to read the novel in one sitting.”  (Oana Ilasi, Amazon reviewer).

“Fascinating read that makes you keep turning the pages! This book will challenge you to think about what will happen next and wonder who is going to come out on top.”  (K.R., Amazon reviewer).

Celebrating publication of the print edition of Corvette Nightfire, I encourage readers who enjoy suspense, romance, strong characterization, and a gripping style of story-telling to consider reading my second novel written with Robert Selfe.  Please click the photo link below for more information about this exciting novel in both print and e-book:


Opinion: As U.S. Policies Put Breaks On Car Industry Growth, Mexico Is Becoming The New Detroit



Mexico is the fourth largest automotive vehicle producer in the world. The Ford Fusion is shipped from Mexico. Obama’s economic policies stifling job growth have greatly helped Mexico! Don’t believe? Read!

Opinion: As U.S. Policies Put Breaks On Car Industry Growth, Mexico Is Becoming The New Detroit | Fox News Latino.

Corvette Nightfire Promotional Video!


When gunfire erupts in a Las Vegas casino, a beautiful woman thrusts a heavy bag into the arms of Corvette Nightfire. Commanding him in Spanish, which he does not understand, she shoves him and flees to an awaiting car. In a flash, Corvette’s destiny is changed. He must track the disappeared girl as he becomes the hunted.This non-stop, romantic sequel to The Z Redemption will leave you breathless!

Corvette Nightfire Paperback Now At Barnes&Noble!


Image Great news! Now, in addition to and, you can purchase the paperback edition of Corvette Nightfire at Barnes and Noble online! This novel is garnering great reviews on Amazon and Goodreads already! (Here is the Goodreads link:

Recently released, Corvette Nightfire is the second book of The Z Redemption Trilogy. It stands on its own as a back-against-the-seat read, however.  The editor of the novels, Robert Selfe, helped write the scenes at the World Series of Poker. An excellent poker player himself, Robert lent wonderful credibility to these nail-biting sections of the novel.

I am very excited to announce that I have been working with the talented Michael Messina  of to come up with a new jacket cover for The Z Redemption to commemorate its release in just a couple more weeks as a paperback edition also! Michael is producing the jacket covers for the complete trilogy. So look for The Z Redemption in paperback as well!

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