The Teacher Arrives in Unexpected Form


Daniel Scruggs

Daniel Scruggs is my good friend. Books could be written about his adventures around the world and his compassion for others. He is a humble teacher of magnitude 9. But in this six minute video, Daniel tells a story about his teacher: a 12-year-old, nearly blind drummer from a village in Ghana who arrived in Daniel’s school for a 10-month stay on a medical visa. What resulted from the meeting of Francis and Daniel will remain in your memory a long, long time. This is the story narrated by Daniel in his direct and engaging way. This is six-minute heart medicine for you:

Fun With Corvette!


mini-cover“Love is their Only Defense!”

Corvette and Valentina: Their one dance changes destiny in this cinematographic suspense novel that pits three men in a life or death fight for one woman!

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Corvette Nightfire

He is hot, 27, a new World Series of Poker celebrity, and clueless that his destiny will hurl him into a tsunami of danger fifty years in the making. The changes for him begin when a beautiful Mexican woman fleeing gunfire in a casino thrusts a bag loaded with cash into his arms and sprints away. His subsequent hunt for her turns desperate as he becomes the hunted and time runs out for her life to be saved. He has to disappear from public view into a complex underworld, where he encounters ordinary heroes and remorseless enemies who commit heinous evil.

Generations of family sins have forged Corvette’s character. Now he must reconcile the past with the harsh realities of his present. Set in Las Vegas, Barbados and Mexico, Corvette Nightfire, this second book in the suspense series, The Z Redemption Trilogy, takes up where The Z Redemption leaves off and straps the reader into another bumpy, exhilarating ride!

Corvette Nightfire Promotional Video!


When gunfire erupts in a Las Vegas casino, a beautiful woman thrusts a heavy bag into the arms of Corvette Nightfire. Commanding him in Spanish, which he does not understand, she shoves him and flees to an awaiting car. In a flash, Corvette’s destiny is changed. He must track the disappeared girl as he becomes the hunted.This non-stop, romantic sequel to The Z Redemption will leave you breathless!

Lila Downs: “Zapata se queda!”


What destiny hangs on a single dance? Here is the performance inspiring Valentina’s dance for Corvette Nightfire in the new book of the same name: Lila Downs sings Zapata se Queda in a filmed live performance not easily forgotten! Look for my new novel, Corvette Nightfire, next month and meet characters you will never forget!