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I’ve made a discovery. People want beauty in their lives, something that catapults them, even momentarily, to a dimension of feeling and awe where tears are a perfect expression of their emotions. Someone might ask them if those are tears of joy or sadness, and neither answer would adequately describe the wet glistening. They would be tears of appreciation. What might bring this on? Maybe it would be a sunset, where the colors in the sky are so unexpected and the gorgeous end of the day is in such stark contrast to the stressful experiences of the daylight hours, that the person cries, thankful that he didn’t miss those fleeting moments of  soul-stirring beauty.

What made me think of this? Yesterday I placed a photograph of a jaw-dropping sunset in Monterrey, Mexico, on my Facebook page in a post requesting people to visit my author website and become one of my followers. The response amazed me. I had done this before with pictures of my book covers or, God forbid, of me, and I don’t think anyone visited my website! But this beautiful sunset drew people’s attention and made them feel good. I received a nice number of new followers as a result, and this has made me very happy!

Followers receive my blogs, articles, videos, news and updates on what I am writing. These go to the e-mail addresses which you have provided me. I try to keep these entertaining! In the past I have included news about my novels, my father’s art, music videos, Corvette mysteries, and anything a little edgy and fun.

I have written short story “prequels” to my two novels. They can be downloaded free from Smashwords, and my website describes how to do this, but I thought that I would send “Nightfire!”  to you in .pdf format with this blog post. It is my gift to you and makes it convenient for you to read it.

“Nightfire!” is a romantic crime story that reveals the mystery of Corvette Nightfire’s grandparents. In the novel, Corvette Nightfire, who the grandparents are and what they did had a huge bearing on the destinies of Corvette and his father, Rogelio. While writing the story, I did research and learned a lot about the famous running indigenous people known as the Tarahumara who are natives of Chihuahua, Mexico. Corvette’s grandparents were Tarahumara, and they got caught up in a life of crime in the drug cartel of Sinaloa. What happened to them occurs in real life in the history of these people. This is a love story and adventure that was a joy to write.  I hope you enjoy it enough that you will want to read Corvette Nightfire!

To open this PDF file, simply click the link below, and you can read it on your computer. This assumes that your computer or device has the Adobe Viewer, which most have. If not, the viewer is free to download from the Adobe website.

Nightfire! The Corvette Nightfire Prequel PDF

If you do want to read this story (15 pages) on your Nook, Kindle, i-Pad, phone or other device not in PDF format, you can download this story for free in all formats from my Smashwords site. Here is the link: 

Link to Nightfire download on Smashwords


The Free Prequel Just for You!


Nightfire! is the short story prequel to the novel, Corvette Nightfire, which is the second volume of The Z Redemption Trilogy. This 9,000 word short story explains the mystery of Día and Luna, the Tarahumara natives who were Corvette’s grandparents. Inhabitants of the Copper Canyon in northern Mexico, Día and Luna, married while teenagers, became seduced and then enslaved by the Mexican drug-cartel men who invaded the mountains of their homeland to grow poppy and marijuana. The Tarahumara natives were famous world-wide for their ability to run for days in the mountains and steep canyons of their lands in Chihuahua, Mexico. The drug cartels forced many of the young Indian men and women to give up their lands and to run their marijuana through the desert and across the border to the United States.

Nightfire! cover image

Written in the fast-paced style of the novels of The Z Redemption trilogy, Nightfire! is a stand-alone short story that also provides enriching detail to the second volume in the series (Corvette Nightfire). Día’s plan to escape the drug cartel gets complicated by the birth of his son, Rogelio, in Texas in 1963. Moving and suspenseful, the story describes what Rogelio failed to find out about his parents when, as an adult, he made trips to Mexico to try to find them. It wasn’t until Rogelio’s son, Corvette, made a trip to the Copper Canyon in northern Mexico that the impact on the grandson’s destiny by the actions of Día and Luna began to be understood!

Download your FREE copy from Smashwords in any format for e-Readers, tablets, computers and phones simply by clicking the cover photo here!

Trivia from The Z Redemption Trilogy






Robert Selfe, the editor of the books in The Z Redemption Trilogy, has written an interesting article of trivia about the writing of the novels. In the near future I will post the entire piece on the author website. I think the growing number of readers of these two (eventually three) novels will very much enjoy Robert’s notations. Here is a brief excerpt:

“When The Z Redemption was finished, it was too long, so several chapters were shortened and combined. One chapter was left out of the book but posted on line as “Awakening from the Golden Sleep.”

Originally, the second novel was supposed to be a prequel, and Robert had begun research on Pablo Escobar, the Columbian drug lord. Escobar, like David, was born in 1949, and the novel was intended to parallel the life and career of these two men. After a few months, Robert asked for a new direction for the sequel because the story of David’s descent into a dark place was just too depressing. 

Daniel came up with an alternate story. He envisioned a character named Corvette Nightfire walking into a casino just as a beautiful woman comes running out and, after shoving a duffle bag into his arms, runs off. That’s all there was. The rest of the story grew from there….”


Start It Up! Enter to Win!


Start It Up! Enter to Win!

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Excerpts From Reviews of “Corvette Nightfire!”



“”Corvette Nightfire’ quickly establishes that this book is as likely to break your heart as it is to send it racing…A fabulous read, ‘Corvette Nightfire’ is high stakes and fast paced all around and the reader is all the better for having taken the ride!”  (Paige Mitchell, Goodreads reviewer).


“To say this is a fast-paced thriller would be an understatement, it’s a book that grabs you from the very first paragraph, buckles you into the passenger seat and doesn’t let you out until the ride is over.  Not only is this a great story, it is full of interesting details surrounding the Mexican culture, which the Authors manage to integrate into the plot seamlessly.  Tightly written and right on track every step of the way, this is a book that will leave you breathless to the very end.”  (Cate Agosta, Reviewer and Blogger, Cate’s Book Nut Hut, September 8, 2014) 


“A triumph…The settings, the language and the depiction of both professional gambling and life inside a cartel all feel authentic. Wetta’s first book was more about the struggle in Mexico against drug cartels. This book continues that theme, but adds new protagonists, a new setting and a vivid love story. I highly recommend this compelling thriller.”  (Nancy Stancill, author of “Saving Texas”).


“Fast-Paced Suspense Novel with Romance, Drug Cartels, and Plenty of Action.”  (E.Lucas, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer).

“Great read!…The action was so fast-paced and well-built that I had to read the novel in one sitting.”  (Oana Ilasi, Amazon reviewer).

“Fascinating read that makes you keep turning the pages! This book will challenge you to think about what will happen next and wonder who is going to come out on top.”  (K.R., Amazon reviewer).


Celebrating publication of the print edition of Corvette Nightfire, I encourage readers who enjoy suspense, romance, strong characterization, and a gripping style of story-telling to consider reading my second novel written with Robert Selfe.  Please click the photo link below for more information about this exciting novel in both print and e-book:


Corvette Nightfire Promotional Video!


When gunfire erupts in a Las Vegas casino, a beautiful woman thrusts a heavy bag into the arms of Corvette Nightfire. Commanding him in Spanish, which he does not understand, she shoves him and flees to an awaiting car. In a flash, Corvette’s destiny is changed. He must track the disappeared girl as he becomes the hunted.This non-stop, romantic sequel to The Z Redemption will leave you breathless! http://www.danielwetta.com

Lila Downs: “Zapata se queda!”


What destiny hangs on a single dance? Here is the performance inspiring Valentina’s dance for Corvette Nightfire in the new book of the same name: Lila Downs sings Zapata se Queda in a filmed live performance not easily forgotten! Look for my new novel, Corvette Nightfire, next month and meet characters you will never forget!

Corvette Nightfire Coming April, 2014!


This is the Cover Reveal for my new novel, Corvette Nightfire, being published in April, 2014! The editor, Robert Selfe, and I extend appreciation to graphics artist Michael Messina for a cover that captures the energy of the novel. Please enjoy my updated and redesigned website, http://www.danielwetta.com, for further information about this novel and its predecessor, The Z Redemption. Corvette is indeed coming, and you will not believe what he has to do!  Corvette Nightfire Coming April, 2014!.