Hero Mayors Pay With Their Lives.


Mexico Mayors Face Tough Decisions in Embattled Pacific Region – InSight Crime | Organized Crime in the Americas.

Ask yourself this, because this question may become topical one day in the United States: If government cannot protect its people from organized crime and violence, who will the leaders in local communities side with? If you think this cannot happen here, you just might want to take a look at the growth of organized crime in Chicago (again), Atlanta, Memphis and many other cities. You might want to consider the culture of corruption that has been permeating our federal government for decades. Money, guns, drugs, and the seduction of children are the weapons of cartels and mafias. Growing disparity between the haves and have-nots is the hallmark of the environment in which these groups grow in power. Corruption and debasing of governments are everywhere around us, in Latin America, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe. To see how it happens, you only have to follow the trail of…well…money, guns, drugs, and the seduction of children.

There is good everywhere in this world. There are ordinary people who will rise up to become amazing heroes in bad times. There are people who love and teach their children well. (Sound familiar?) None of these people deserve to be surprised by horrible things because the world has not paid attention.

Vigilante Protectors in Mexico

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