Blogging from Foreign Cities!


Recently I have had the honor of guest blogging on two different blogs. In New Delhi, India, Mr. Ayushman Pershad and I have begun doing a weekly Sunday “debate” on subjects of his choosing. I like this arrangement because it challenges me to write from points of view I might not select, and about subjects I know little about. These debate articles post at 11:00 am EDT on Sundays. The first article that we shared last Sunday debated whether or not a college education is worth the cost in today’s world. Ayushman assigned me the task of being against a college education. 

Today, of all things, the subject was surrogate motherhood. True to form, Ayushman asked me to write a viewpoint in favor of it. I have to say it is great fun to do things way out of my territory. If you would like to see what I came up with to help the cause of surrogate mothers, here is the link to the article on Ayushman’s blog: If you scroll down, you can also see last week’s article on college education.

Now I have learned that next week’s topic is “Are people tired of Facebook and its social hoolah, and is it over for the company at the stock exchange?”  Oh boy…thanks, Ayushman! I can’t wait to hear what point of view on this I will have to take.

On Goodreads there is a very good book reviewer who calls herself, “Patricia -Lady with Books,” and she has a blog by the same name. It is a good source for book reviews done by a woman who takes her reviews seriously, and she even has an article advising how to write a book review. On July 18, Patricia published my guest blog in which I conducted an interview with Ana Valdez, the main character of my novel, The Z Redemption. Ana is a woman hero of Mexico, and the interview takes place a year or so after the end of the novel. Here is the link to Ana’s interview. You might be interested in what she has to say:

Finally, from the small city of Williamsburg, Virginia, I am happy to report that I have completed writing the prologue and the first chapter of my next novel, called “Corvette Nightfire.” I will be hard at work this next week to complete the second chapter. The goal is to have the novel published by Christmas.

By the way, stay tuned for announcements regarding the publication of The Z Redemption beyond Amazon, and for a special promotion I will have for it on August 5 – 6, 2013.

There are seven reviews of the novel on Amazon right now, and I would really appreciate it if anyone who has read the book would leave a rating or a review there. You simply search my name and my two books appear. (One is a short story.) Next to The Z Redemption you will see the average number of stars (currently 4.2) and then the number “7.” Click on that number, or whatever number is there when you do this, and you will have the page that shows all the reviews of the book. There is a button you can click called, “Create Your Own Review,” if you would like to write some remarks, or you can simply click the number of stars that you would like to rate the novel. I would be so appreciative for an honest rating by you. 

Now here is a special surprise: Many of you know that The Z Redemption is the middle book of a trilogy. Corvette Nightfire is a sequel, and the third novel to be written will take place before the events of The Z Redemption. It will be a prequel that follows the exciting adventures of a younger David Wilson James during the times of Pablo Escobar. I am so happy to share with you that the Editor of these books, Bob Selfe, will co-author that third novel. Bob is a lover of literature with well developed plots and characterization, so the third book will have plenty of juice. This is a man with whom I made annual trips to Las Vegas, and our chemistry together makes things happen! We intend to leave you with stories you will not forget and that you will want to share with your friends!Image


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