Excerpts from Reviews of The Z Redemption!



“….a tense international thriller in the best sense of the word. In his debut novel, the Author has made his mark and, if he continues writing the rest of the Trilogy in this manner, could well be on the way to standing up there in the ranks next to masters such as Eric Van Lustbader and Christopher Reich.” – Cate Agosta, Cate’s Book Nut Hut, http://www.catesbooknuthut.wordpress.com/2013/6


“Daniel Wetta’s thriller, The Z Redemption, is a novel with sweep, perspective, and heart. He has captured modern Mexico in all of its glory and heartbreak and created a work that throbs with action….Wetta’s debut novel is a triumph!” – Nancy Stancill, Author, Saving Texas, publisher Black Rose Writing (Amazon review)


“A well-crafted novel that is as action packed as it is heartbreaking, The Z Redemption is a fast paced, edgy tale that hits the ground running and never lets up….A fascinating read from beginning to end, The Z Redemption will leave you not only with a feeling of having been on a dizzying ride, but of having learned something important about the world we live in along the way.” – Paige Mitchell, Goodreads reviewer, http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/682684543


Celebrating publication of the print edition of The Z Redemption, I encourage readers who enjoy suspense, romance, strong characterization, and a gripping style of story-telling to consider reading my first novel. Please click the photo link for more information:



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