More Trivia from The Z Redemption Trilogy



Here is more from Robert Selfe’s article on trivia from the trilogy. This excerpt pertains to the writing of The Z Redemption (the first volume of the trilogy):

“David Wilson James’ apartment was based on Daniel’s apartment in Monterrey .

David Wilson James and Daniel Joseph Wetta share the same initials but in different order.

David, Daniel, and Robert share a birth year: 1949.

Daniel and Robert both attended St. Bridget School, Tuckahoe Junior High School, and Douglas S. Freeman High School and were roommates at the College of William and Mary.

David’s roommate at William and Mary was Donald Austin Blair, future President of the United States.

When Daniel first moved to Mexico, he began referring to Robert as Roberto, and the character name in The Z Redemption was an ironic nod to that.

While writing The Z Redemption, Daniel did extensive research to give authenticity to the vehicles, weapons, etc. mentioned in the novel. Daniel even flew back to Monterrey to scout a possible location for the headquarters of the fictional Z Foundation.”


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