2nd Edition, 5 Star Fun!

The Z Redemption Second Edition!

For the second edition of my first novel, The Z Redemption, I spent a few weeks updating the story for changes in technology the past three years. To be honest, there were some paragraphs throughout that I couldn’t resist rewriting for clarity or just to make them read better. I am happy with this book and proud of it. I was worried when I began to read it again after the distance of time that I wouldn’t like it or would be embarrassed by it. The opposite is true. The story holds up and is faithful to the purpose I had in writing it. I do think the second edition is better. I wrote a new brief description for it in my marketing materials:

“In this steamy and romantic suspense thriller based on true-life events in Mexico, the author tells the story of ordinary heroes who fight to save lives in the midst of the drug cartel wars. With a military coup in Mexico as backdrop, a celebrity homemaker and her lover make two countries face harrowing choices to obtain justice. A roller-coaster ride guaranteed to make an impact on your life!”

I had quite the experiences during the year I lived in Mexico. The people whom I met made life-changing impacts on me. Several are characters in the novel. They would recognize themselves. There is no criminal event described in my fiction that did not have a counterpart in real-life stories making the news. There is no act of heroism in the novel that I did not see in Mexico.

My handsome young friend Israel, a law student and Volvo salesman, got tortured and murdered horrifically by a drug cartel. His only crime was to fall in love with the wrong woman. She disappeared, and I am certain that she was murdered as well. Israel had a roommate named Enrique, also a friend of mine, who wisely got himself out of town after it happened. The kind of heroism that Israel must have summoned in his last minutes, knowing that no one would come to save him, almost runs beyond my ability to imagine. I still hate it, absolutely hate it, when I think about how he must have felt in those moments. But, damn it, I wrote a book for him to let people know that his life was valuable in the world.

Israel and Enrique are characters in the novel. Enrique becomes a strong lead character in Corvette Nightfire, and he will be on board in the third, which will be co-authored with me by Robert Selfe.

Robert Selfe

Robert Selfe

That brings me to this point: Israel and all the people I met in Monterrey not only had a big impact on my life, but they also made big changes in Robert’s (Bob). Robert Selfe has had years with me now in the novels, and he is creating characters for the third (and did this in Corvette Nightfire) that are right up our mutual tree. We want the reading to be fun, captivating, interesting and informative. The two of us are definitely having fun, and we think the readers who get into these novels will enjoy them like roller-coasters.

The Zs are urban warriors who fight without weapons. They have skills in parkour and free running and martial arts. They live by the “Z Code of LIfe,” a code grounded in the ethics of the sanctity of life. The millions of young people throughout the world who do this type of physical training are incredible athletes. I am meeting them on Twitter and Instagram, where I can see the photos and videos of their jumps and flips and the running of obstacles. In my novel, when I speak of the people who can “fly,” I am describing these real-life young men and women.thumbnail (267x320) Some of them have become interested in The Z Redemption simply because it is novel to them (pardon the pun) to find fiction that incorporates this as a main plot component. I didn’t expect this when I wrote it. I’m just lucky to know people like this.

More information about the novel and how to purchase it (the e-book is cheap) can be found at this link: Click This Link

About The Cover

On the cover of The Z Redemption is a photograph of Monterrey, Mexico. In the background is the distinctive mountain, “El Cerro de La Silla” (Saddle Hill), which is nature’s emblem for the city. The couple holding hands could represent David and Ana, the main protagonists of the novel. Overhead are the “Zs,” leaping parkour-style from one roof to another.

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