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The sins of the grandfather determine the destiny of Corvette Nightfire! Live through “Nightfire!” the heart-rending experiences of Día and Luna, the Tarahumara Indians of Chihuahua, who were Corvette’s grandparents! Written in the fast-paced style of The Z Redemption novels, this romantic thriller seats you in the turbulent lives of the unusual Mexican ancestors forming Corvette’s murky family history.

A prequel to the novel, Corvette Nightfire, this nine-thousand-word short story details the mystery of Día and Luna. Growing up in the rugged mountains and cliffs of the Copper Canyon in northern Mexico, Día and Luna married while teenagers. They were proud members of the people famous world-wide for their ability to run for days in the mountains and steep canyons of their homeland. When Día became seduced by the lures of the Mexican drug-cartel men who invaded the mountains to grow poppy and marijuana, he pulled Luna with him into a life of enslavement to crime. For decades, the drug cartels had forced many of the young Indian men and women to run their marijuana through the desert and across the border into the United States. As the cartels moved into the mountains of Chihauhua, they stole the lands of the natives, who retreated deep into the precipitous canyons for safety.

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Written in the fast-paced style of the novels of The Z Redemption trilogy, “Nightfire!” is a stand-alone short story that is bonus material for the second volume of the series (Corvette Nightfire). Día’s plan to escape the drug cartel gets complicated by the birth of his son, Rogelio, in Texas in 1963. Moving and suspenseful, the story describes Día’s desperate plot to escape with Luna from their lives of forced crime. What happened as a consequence ended up impacting the life of a future grandson Día had never contemplated. His actions also altered the course of two nations!

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