An Artist’s World Released!

The third and final book of 87-year-old artist Dan Wetta’s trilogy of his life’s work: An Artist’s World, Tricks of Illusion! This third volume exhibits many of his unique stained glass paintings on canvas done in 15th century block style. And, of course, more paintings, stories, and cartoons. There are fun chapters of his sketches done on airplanes to overcome his fear of flying, sketches of bus riders with speculation on their thoughts, and a chapter of drawings of a tick-tock clock run amuck in an art gallery! These three volumes of art (An Artist’s Life, An Artist’s Vision, and An Artist’s World) define the collection of works spanning the author’s lifetime and available for private placement as one or three collections.
An Artist’s World is now available in the CreateSpace store and soon available at all bookstore online outlets, including Amazon and Barnes&Noble.
See the artist’s website at
The Blue Forest

The Blue Forest

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