The Z Redemption Second Edition!


The Z Redemption


“Jump, mi amor!”

Keep on the run in this cinematographic suspense novel through Mexico, Texas, and Washington in a story of high stakes and stirring love!

Monterrey, Mexico

In this steamy and romantic suspense thriller based on true life events in Mexico, the author tells the story of ordinary heroes struggling to save lives in the midst of the drug cartel wars. With a military coup as backdrop, Ana Valdez, a Mexican homemaker and social media celebrity, unwittingly becomes a celebrity of her nation. She and her gringo lover, ex-CIA agent David James, race time to prevent an American invasion and civil war in Mexico!

The country dissolves into chaos when its Army sequesters its President and   government, and the anxious USA readies an invading force at the border. In Monterrey, Ana and David rally Mexico’s young people to form the paramilitary “Zs.” Trained to fight with parkour skills and without firearms, the Zs assist the Army in preserving public safety from attacks by the drug cartels. But when the cartels succeed in taking Mexico’s most strategic possession, bloodshed and invasion appear to be certain outcomes!

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