Books to Crack Open Your View of the World!


Books to Crack Open Your View of the World!

Like the title? It is the title of a Listopia list that I created on Goodreads in July, 2013. I started the list with ten books that I had read which had shifted my world view. These are books written passionately by authors who want to take the readers to times, places, and ways of life far from the ordinary; to challenge their views of the world; to crack open their hearts.

I invited readers on the Goodreads site to add books that had affected their lives to the list. I wrote it this way: “I only chose ten books to start this list. Let anyone who has had their view of the world or their outlook on life changed by books list them here. List from the heart!”

Let’s Change the World!

I was an unknown on the Goodreads site in those days, so the list grew slowly. The following month, I added two books to my list. Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse was at the top of my list of twelve books. I wrote on the site, “I added a couple more books to the list, hoping to renew some interest in the list. Please add and vote. What books do you believe will change a person’s view of the world? Let’s make a list that will change the world!”

In addition to adding books to the list, readers can vote for the books , and the listing ranks the books from highest to lowest votes.

Time went by and a few people contributed. I became busy with writing and publishing and confess that I did not often visit the Goodreads site. I even forgot about the list after about a year.

So you can imagine my surprise today when I received an email notice that someone on Goodreads had posted a “Like” to my list of books. That renewed my curiosity, and I clicked to see what had happened to the list.

You can also imagine my shock to find that the listing is alive and thriving! There are now 91 books on the list and there have been 62 contributors. Also very satisfying is the fact that Siddhartha holds down the number two spot!

If you want to know the number one book, you will have to check the list. Ha! It is a great list of amazing books, and Goodreads informs me that I have read 22 of them. What I hope in sending you this is that you will look at the list, maybe be inspired to read some of the books, and even better, add some books that cracked open your world and your heart!

Here is the link to “Books to Crack Open Your View of the World.”  (Just click those words.) 

By the way, since 2013 I have read some more books that I could add to the list and include favorite authors like Nancy Stancill and Andrea Barbosa. In the picture at top is a small book of poetry which I reviewed on Goodreads, Kristos Callis’ A Knock on a Door.  

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