Parents Playbook!


Daniel Wetta Publishing is excited to announce the March 1, 2016 release in e-book form of Dr. Bill Holland’s important resource for parents of college-bound student athletes (and those already in college), Parents Playbook, 7 Rules to Take Your Athlete from College to Career.

Parents Playbook Front Cover at 25%

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Parents Playbook: 7 Rules to Take Your Athlete from College to Career is a concise pocket guide about what, why and, most important of all, how parents can provide excellent counseling to get invaluable life lessons from athletic competition.
In reality, the information can be used by parents of all athletes, from early-aged beginners onward even if they play only for a short time. It is a book about the rules of life and career; and about preparation for the professional job market at graduation using what is learned from athletic competition.
Practical and specific, this handy playbook helps student and parent avert disaster by treating college as a four-year-discovery-and-preparation period for career after graduation. The seven rules in this book are supported by the resources of Bill Holland’s enterprise and that of his consulting practice, College to Career Catalyst, offering career advisory services, online courses, books and other help aids so that the parents of students can participate with their kids in successful preparation for life after college.
ABOUT BILL: As an award winning college professor, business executive, entrepreneur and author, Dr. Bill Holland knows all sides of the career management process. Parents Playbook is your opportunity to take advantage of what he knows. This “mini-book” is jammed full of useful information for parents as they counsel their kids from college to career.
Those are some of the reasons why Bill has been asked by Michigan State University, Albion College, the NAACP and NBA scouts to share what he knows with the many parents they encounter.


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