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Is she alien or angel? On a mission or escape?Proxima_liftoff from at 20 percent

Sport has memories of multiple births. She remembers flights through space and vistas of vibrant silo cities in colorful, faraway lands. People she invents in imagination come alive. Her parents and educators think she’s crazy. Her 1986 road trip is disastrous, and Sport, the cheerful school teacher, is refused help again and again. People gossip that she ages too slowly. Her admirers have questions to which Sport has no answers. But a child savant helps her understand her destiny.

M. J. Scott’s First Novel Accepted on Kindle Scout Online!

MJ Scott in New Town at 10 percentHelp Marilyn (M. J. Scott) get an Amazon publishing contract! Amazon accepted Marilyn’s new book, Sport’s Alien Fantasy, into the 30-day Kindle Scout campaign where readers help Amazon decide which novels to publish! Sport’s Alien Fantasy will be up on the Kindle Scout site 30 days to receive votes (nominations). You can go online and see the book cover, description of the novel and an excerpt of several pages. Beginning March 10 and for 30 days, if Marilyn’s book receives enough nominations, the Amazon editors will examine it to decide if they think it should be published. If so, the author receives a small advance and a five-year publishing contract with Amazon! If it is published, the readers who recommend it receive free early editions of this novel of magical realism.

Here is the link to see the book on Kindle Scout: Click Here to See Sport’s Alien Fantasy on Kindle Scout!

Sport’s Alien Fantasy will interest readers who like strong female lead characters and who enjoy the genres of literary fiction, science fiction, fantasy and magical realism. The novel is also suitable for young adults, especially because it deals with Sport’s childhood as well as her future life as an educator helping special children.

Once you are viewing Sport’s Alien Fantasy, I am positive that you will agree it is worth your nomination. It is certainly worthy of publication and support from Amazon to help its sales! Take a look at it, enjoy the excerpt and hit the “Nominate Me” button!

You know what else? You will have lots of fun looking at the potential new books and authors on Kindle Scout. You will have your say in which books get published! Amazon makes it fun. Readers have opportunities to earn points, share their recommendations and receive recognition for helping authors by appearing on the “Leader Board when their authors get published.” If you participate, you help bring deserving books to the marketplace.

Borealis wea01001 at 33 percentYou do need an Amazon account in order to qualify to vote. If you ever have bought anything from Amazon, including e-books on your Kindle, then you already have an Amazon account. If you need one, all you do is supply your e-mail address (which becomes your User ID), and you make your own password. You are not asked for a credit card number or any other information. To set up the account, simply click this link:       and click the “Sign In” button in the upper right part of the screen. Click “Create New Account,” provide your email address and make up a password. That’s it, and you’re in!

Visit M. J. Scott’s webpage to learn more about this vibrant and productive author and her four other published books!



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