Guest Blog: Catching Love!


M. J. Scott (USA)

I have had the pleasure of publishing two of M. J. Scott’s books, Power Steering and Power Steering 2, which serve as great vehicles for her selfless words of encouragement and enrichment to all her readers. Marilyn is a great believer in positivity and the healing power of love. Although she is a Christian, her works approach God in a universal way so that believers of all faiths can relate to the successes she reveals from trust in higher power.  “Catching Love” is her Easter blog, decidedly Christian, a true celebration of risen spirit. I am pleased to distribute it this Holy Week of 2017.


 When emotions curl up around your mind and heart, it’s time to find the welcoming message and share it! This can’t wait until there’s time and money locked into a concrete set of plans. This is an elusive feeling that can’t be contained by ribbons or kept on a branch.

Reach for its essence – wordless feelings placed on this earth parcel by God through His Son to radiate His wealth of giving Love.

More than a feeling, it is a mysterious element meant to bring humanity the freedom of inner expression. Think of a bearing of light-like candles waiting for a match to illuminate. What is provided? The greatest giving that transcends our understanding of the hope that was presented at the manger of life-filled purpose. The Child of the Heavenly Father grew into the creative source of Light and Love, brought as a gift from Above. Words only pour forth from the unseen revealing of a desire to place Love on the Altar of Faith. The great altar became a cross that was crooked and bent, but living tall now in the springtime blossoming of the dogwood tree. The Easter Resurrection can only be described through the heart rending moments of crucifixion, in yielding life hidden in a tomb, and through the great rock of silence broken on Easter Morning!

Lo, the rising of the Master of the Universe!

Christ, who spread his teachings, is the Light of Love that will never be doused when flames of rage fill the unheeding hearts. His understanding reaches out to those who as yet are unprotected; namely, the ones who cannot recognize and accept His Love.

Catching Love is gentle like the notes of music that have been composed by the artists as their gifts too. These meld into a creative blend of love that melts the hardened hearts in the warmth of discovering how life is really intended.

Easter is God’s renewable gift to the world to grow His Garden of Believers. These find nourishment in their willingness to open arms and accept that God’s spring opens them to the very heart of life.

In the current events of history, it appears that the saddest tomb is the darkened one holding those still unwilling to receive the Light of Love.

For all, the greatest Easter is within reach! The Love extended provides the most wonderful happiness of life.

Scribed through service, Marilyn J. Asprey (Author M. J. Scott, USA)

Member, St. Stephen Lutheran Church. Williamsburg, Virginia

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