Sport’s First Review


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Sport's head 12 percent 3000 dpiThe first review of Sport’s Alien Fantasy is on Amazon! I am sharing this because I want people to know that on Amazon, only a few sentences and the rating in stars can sum up the reader’s opinion of the book. Leaving a “review” on Amazon need not be intimidating at all. The first review gave four stars and said, “An Amazing Ride – Sport travelled through life as if she was there and somewhere else at the same time. Her travels remind that we are all on multiple yet simultaneous paths, putting one foot in front of the other, trusting that we will reach our destiny and that our time on Earth has been useful. We are all here for a higher purpose. Sport teaches us to remember.” 

Daniel tree cropped at1200 dpi and 15%In my first post about our novel a few days ago, I explained this about our Launch Team: “Author M. J. Scott and I are currently soliciting a small number of people to be on a launch team prior to a major publicity campaign in the first half of June. Our goal is to have honest reviews of the book on the novel’s Amazon purchase page when the official launch begins. Please consider doing this. The novel is unusual and special, in my opinion, and I think is best described as being in the magical realism genre. At 50,000 words, it is relatively short. We are requesting that you join our team now by purchasing the book from Amazon, reading it, and rating it on the Amazon site prior to June 5, 2017. The e-book is less expensive at $3.99. The print edition is beautiful and sells for $9.95. The reason we are asking for purchase is that Amazon then shows the rating as coming from an Amazon certified purchase, which lends credibility to the rating.

Let us know if you think that Sport makes an impact on your world view. Here is the link:  Click here to visit Sport’s page on Amazon!

To Leave a Review: Simply click the little number of reviews in blue by the stars on the Amazon Sport’s Alien Fantasy page, and this takes you to the customer reviews section. There you can see the “Write a Customer Review” button. Click it, and the box comes up where you can write a couple of sentences and choose number of stars out of five. It’s that simple!

P.S.: This book is free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers!

The story behind the writing of Sport’s Alien Fantasy is almost as interesting as the novel itself. Here is the link to the blog post done a few days ago that explains this: 

What Ever Happened to Sport?

MJ Scott in New Town at 10 percentI am a co-author and, therefore, am biased toward the opinion that this is a very different novel with ultimately a triumphant message of inspiration. Co-author M. J. Scott agrees! Please be one of the early readers on our team to help launch Sport in the way in which she dreams of returning home in space!


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