Day 7:The Prize!

Answer the question about the story, “Nightfire!”, and be eligible for one of three $20 Amazon gift cards!

Hello, readers! Each day over the preceding six days, I have posted an episode of my 9,000 word short story “Nightfire!”, which I wrote after the novel, Corvette Nightfire, as a prequel to explain a bit of mystery that ran through the novel. I have no clue how many people might have read it, whether it was one (me) or a hundred, but I sincerely hope that it was an enjoyable read if you did so. I am honored.

If you would like to read the short story in its entirety, here is the link: Nightfire pdf version

I have said that I will give the $20 Amazon gift cards to the first three readers who would send me the answer to a question about the story via e-mail. I am posting the question in the early morning. (I am in the Eastern time zone of the United States.) I will be away from my computer until the early afternoon. Send your answer to me at: I should be able to tell who the first three are by time stamps on the e-mail. If there are many more correct answers than I expect from people in different time zones all over the world, I think the fair thing to do would be to select three from a random drawing. I will only deviate from the original idea if that is the case. In any event, please send me a user name with your email that I may congratulate you publicly so everyone will know that there have been three winners selected.


Who are the three generations of males explained in the story that tie the short story with the novel? (The names of the grandfather, the father, and the grandson.)

It is an easy question, not a trick one, so don’t doubt your answer!

If the short story whetted your appetite to experience suspense, passion and heroism in international settings in the longer format of the novel, I invite you to consider reading The Z Redemption and Corvette Nightfire. Just click on the book covers below to be taken to the Amazon pages for these books in e-book or print. If you are interested in purchasing from other sources such as Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and Apple I-books, all that information is on my website The e-books are only $2.99 each. For those of you who get one of those books, I will say this: Thank you, and buckle up!


Click Here for More Information


Click Here for More Information

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