Congratulations to the Prize Winners!

Congratulations to Ann Graham, energywriter and essentialphoto for winning the “Nightfire!” contest!

No, they didn’t win a red, classic Corvette Stingray like the one that shot through Mexico with Día and Luna under a hail of bullets…something slightly more mundane: a $20 Amazon gift card. Hey, I am on a writer’s budget. But they also won something else: my deep appreciation for taking time to read my short story. Any writer will tell you that to them, finding readers of books, blogs, poetry, short stories, limericks, signs, fortune cookies…readers…is a heart-warming experience that keeps hope for the world burning in their hearts.

In case you missed this, I took my short story, “Nightfire!”, and serialized it over six days. On the seventh day, I asked a question about the story and had three gift cards to give to three winners for a correct answer. For six days I tweeted about the contest and promoted it heavily over social media. I hope it was not to an annoying degree. I might have been the only one having fun, but I confess to having enjoyed doing it.

I have other free bonuses and reads that are supplementary to the novels The Z Redemption and Corvette Nightfire, the latter done with story contributions by editor-and-poker extraordinaire, Robert Selfe. Many people have said these are fun. So here is your link to them: Click here to have fun (heh, heh.)

Congratulations and thanks, again, to the winners. To all writers out there who happen to see this blog post, I salute you and offer this, my brothers and sisters: Animo! Keep writing from your heart and soul, and enjoy the best life of all!


5 thoughts on “Congratulations to the Prize Winners!

  1. I need help! I just purchased Z Redemption and it went straight to my Kindle. Good. I downloaded Awakening Mobi Kindle and it went to my pc and I can’t open it/move it/do anything. How can I access it to read the story? sd


  2. Tracy Lanum


    Thank you again for the $20 Amazon Gift Card. Just wanted to let you know that with it I purchased “O the Breath of the Gods” by Ariel Tomioka. A friend had given me an old and sorely worn copy of the book, which I liked so much I wanted a new copy of my own.

    Sincerely, Tracy



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