Take Care of Yourself First


Sharon Dillon, author of the book, Echoes of Your Choices, regularly dispenses wisdom using simple, everyday examples. Regardless of religion, race or creed, the human experience is one of common denominators. Sharon cuts through our differences with messages that makes sense. This article is exemplary of the writing’s in Sharon’s book, which is a thematic compilation of essays from this blogsite over a number of years. If you wish to free yourself from the rough tosses of anger, discouragement and fear in everyday life, I recommend Sharon’s book and blogsite as a gentle path to this freedom!

Laugh your way to peace, love and joy

Thoughts to Ponder – September 11,2016

 “When we let what others are doing or not doing become a part of our

every day life, it is we who are not doing our own life.”

 A Window of Wisdom*

How easy it is to become involved in another person’s drama. We spend hours trying to find a solution for a friend who is dealing with a seemingly unsolvable problem. We should be concerned about our friends. However, we need to find a balance between concern and obsession. Over-thinking anything – elections, football, weather, job, friends, lovers and so on is harmful to our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Being concerned without becoming involved in another’s problem is sometimes difficult, but doable. When someone shares a problem, we can say “I’m sorry you are facing this dilemma. How would you like me to help?” Usually she just wants a willing…

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One thought on “Take Care of Yourself First


    This is a delightful insight into life in which both the author and editor are to be complimented. It’s wonderful to have these individuals as friends. And the reader in the discovery of freedom.


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