College to Career Success!


College to Career Success! Do you have children in college or high school and you worry about choice of major and jobs after graduation? Are you in college? My associate, Bill Holland, helps thousands of parents and students find jobs upon graduation, and many well known universities use his resources in their career guidance and athletic departments. You find free tips on his website. I heartily endorse his services and recommend that you visit Here is Bill’s very brief introductory video:

Bill’s website is a treasure of resources for parents and students to prepare for getting the right job after college graduation and moving on for career success. It includes free tips, online courses, private consulting, speaking engagements, and books! I am proud that Daniel Wetta Publishing published the e-book version of Bill’s guide, Parents Playbook: 7 Rules to Take Your Athlete from College to Career.

Parents Playbook Front Cover at 25%

2 thoughts on “College to Career Success!


    Bill, your work in the eyes of another educator makes everyone want to start a new career path.
    Your contribution in the field of modernizing the educational structure is awesome! Congratulations. Your chosen publisher makes you both hometown treasures. Thanks. MJ


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