Road to Destiny!


Just Published! M. J. Scott’s sequel to her first in the Power Steering series: Power Steering 2! Daniel Wetta Publishing is proud to have this added addition to the growing list of authors and publications. Power Steering 2 is available in print or e-book through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all online book retailers. Here is the Amazon link for Kindle and print purchases:

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20161113_094214ABOUT POWER STEERING 2: 
Your life is unlimited, and no one, including yourself, has the power to contain your potential. That is a central theme by M. J. Scott in Power Steering 2, a sequel to the book that introduced seekers of highest destiny to trust in their intuitive senses. In Power Steering 2, the author continues the analogy of “power steering” as the intuitive force inside us that facilitates our journeys in life. In her compilation of narrative-poetic essays, M. J. Scott awakens us to notice coincidences and chance encounters and happenings and consider these as subtle messaging from God. She takes us along on her personal trip in life. Many of the essays describe incidents as they occur for her, and through them we discover beauty, kindness, peace, joy and pathways to higher calling. M. J. has lived a life of encouragement to others. She shows the reader that the power steering of intuition allows one to sense and feel the life of a total stranger. Your smallest encouragements to them may be life-changing. Power Steering 2 is an important continuing of the guidance in the first book to lives of more blessed destinies.

Power Steering 2! Just $10.00 in gorgeous glossy print edition or $2.99 for e-book!

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Click Here for Smashwords Smashwords sells the e-book in all file formats for one price for multiple devices including iPad, Nook, Kindle, Android phones and computers.

Apple Devices: Power Steering 2 may be purchased directly in the iTunes Store on your device or on your Apple computer within iTunes. Simply search “Power Steering 2 M J Scott. Or you may purchase through Smashwords (see link above) and transfer to your Apple device of choice.

For more information about author M. J. Scott (USA) and her other works, see her webpage at this link: Author M. J. Scott.

3 thoughts on “Road to Destiny!

  1. M. J. SCOTT

    Glad we used both smiling individuals in your reporting. Supporting the tree is a winner! Thanks for all the words you plied into introductions. It’s hard to live up to all of this, and the beautiful shiny book designs. Cars…a favorite too! Have fun today!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations to you and Marilyn! I’m just now starting PS#1 and am impressed by easy way she introduces her lessons.

    Thur is library photo day. Tomorrow I see the dermatologist. Pray that she doesn’t zap any places on my face or hands. The rest can be covered up with clothes.

    Just received schedule for my first day at Christmas Town – a 10 hour shift on the 27th. Am trusting that I have the energy to work those hours.

    JS-YT is winding down. Today and two days next week, then I’ll be finished for the year.

    Have a great day. sd


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