Free-fall in Love and Danger!



FREE! Experience a free-fall in love! Fifty years before Corvette sat in a win-or-die poker tournament in Las Vegas, his indigenous young Tarahumara grandparents stole a ’63 Stingray from the Sinaloa drug cartel to escape captivity in Texas. They fled to hide in their home canyons in northern Mexico. This set in motion the forces that, many years later, would shape Corvette’s destiny. Download my fast-paced story of love and danger, free at Smashwords. Compatible with all devices. Nine thousand words and twenty-two pages transport you to a world that you probably have never imagined.

To go to the download site at Smashwords, simply click the e-book cover below!



One thought on “Free-fall in Love and Danger!


    This firey and passionate author in the gifting of imagination and caressing words into dynamite sticks. Just get a match and strike it hard on ordering this book! An essential in your collection of this authors genre. M.J.SCOTT,USA

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