NetGalley for a Self-Published Debut Author


Luke Gracias, author of The Devil’s Prayer, writes a must-read, informative article on his experience with Net Galley in getting book reviews!



This is a summary of my NetGalley experience as a self-published debut author, which I believe may be of assistance to other self-publishing authors and may also be of interest to NetGalley readers.

Around the end of June 2016, I listed my ebook The Devil’s Prayer with NetGalley, to generate reviews. The entry level for a single title listing at the time was $399 (All prices are 2016 prices in USD). I chose the $599 package which in addition to the listing includes one marketing newsletter.


Over the next six months, I chose to try out the various marketing tools from the NetGalley shed.     I spent a further $1,540 on a variety of NetGalley promotions, including a Category Spotlight placement, a Featured Title placement and two promotional eBlasts. At just over $2,000, (including the listing fee of $599), it is a big spend on a single title. I…

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2 thoughts on “NetGalley for a Self-Published Debut Author

    • Like Blanche in “A Streetcar Named Desire?” Lol, yes, the author chose to pay a lot of money to receive hundreds of reviews. I couldn’t do this either. I read an interview with him where he states that it remains to be seen how these reviews might translate into book sales. This is an author with a big budget, and he did everything first class. His book trailer is amazing. Let’s wish him success, because he put a lot into it, and he is helping us out with his reporting! 🙂


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