Review of Winning Texas by Nancy Stancill


Masterful Storytelling Again!

Annie Price, the Houston newspaper reporter protagonist of the first novel (Saving Texas), is back four years later, a little more mature, less boozy, dealing better with personal issues of career and men, and smart and sexy as ever. Many of the characters of the first novel continue in the second. The author, Nancy Stancill, is a masterful plotter, and her consistent characters definitely hatch plots! Which ones are good, which ones have reformed evil ways, and which ones are killing off those who try to interfere with the Texas secessionist movement challenge the reader throughout the novel to guess what happens next.

The author’s background as an investigative reporter in Texas and North Carolina brings authenticity to her stories. She is also a Texas historian who entertains the reader in interesting ways about the German communities in that state, the operations of international crime there, and, of course, the culture that makes Texas a “cowboy state” in more ways than one.

The beginning of Winning Texas grabbed me, and the last half of the book would not let me go. Once again, I sense another Annie Price novel coming, and I can’t wait to read what Annie will be doing next. If you require that novels kidnap you for two or three days of can’t-put-it-down excitement, then this is one for you!

Winning Texas, Black Rose Writing, May, 2016

4 thoughts on “Review of Winning Texas by Nancy Stancill

  1. M. J. SCOTT

    Your review so articulate and memorable describing “Saving Texas”, is a marvel that I’m so happy I have been blest to have read too. Authors build unseen friendships that are pressed into serving others so purposefully. MJ


    • Sharon, read the first one before. It is called Saving Texas. The one I just reviewed is a sequel, although I also reviewed the first book. Nancy is a top-tier plotter in mystery/suspense/thriller genres.


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