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College to Career Success! Do you have children in college or high school and you worry about choice of major and jobs after graduation? Are you in college? My associate, Bill Holland, helps thousands of parents and students find jobs upon graduation, and many well known universities use his resources in their career guidance and athletic departments. You find free tips on his website. I heartily endorse his services and recommend that you visit Here is Bill’s very brief introductory video:

Bill’s website is a treasure of resources for parents and students to prepare for getting the right job after college graduation and moving on for career success. It includes free tips, online courses, private consulting, speaking engagements, and books! I am proud that Daniel Wetta Publishing published the e-book version of Bill’s guide, Parents Playbook: 7 Rules to Take Your Athlete from College to Career.

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Take Care of Yourself First


Sharon Dillon, author of the book, Echoes of Your Choices, regularly dispenses wisdom using simple, everyday examples. Regardless of religion, race or creed, the human experience is one of common denominators. Sharon cuts through our differences with messages that makes sense. This article is exemplary of the writing’s in Sharon’s book, which is a thematic compilation of essays from this blogsite over a number of years. If you wish to free yourself from the rough tosses of anger, discouragement and fear in everyday life, I recommend Sharon’s book and blogsite as a gentle path to this freedom!

Laugh your way to peace, love and joy

Thoughts to Ponder – September 11,2016

 “When we let what others are doing or not doing become a part of our

every day life, it is we who are not doing our own life.”

 A Window of Wisdom*

How easy it is to become involved in another person’s drama. We spend hours trying to find a solution for a friend who is dealing with a seemingly unsolvable problem. We should be concerned about our friends. However, we need to find a balance between concern and obsession. Over-thinking anything – elections, football, weather, job, friends, lovers and so on is harmful to our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Being concerned without becoming involved in another’s problem is sometimes difficult, but doable. When someone shares a problem, we can say “I’m sorry you are facing this dilemma. How would you like me to help?” Usually she just wants a willing…

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Surprising News


Humorist author and blogger Sharon Dillon, author of her debut book, Echoes of Your Choices, explains her dilemmas upon learning that she is a man!

Laugh your way to peace, love and joy

This morning I opened my email and began reading messages. Suddenly I saw this big headline:

“You should always consult with a physician before beginning any treatment for erectile dysfunction.”

Below was a photo of a handsome young man and a beautiful young woman obviously anticipating their impending pleasure. In the upper left corner the ad showed a blossom of three pills (Cialis, Levitra and Viagra) all pointing out with a red dot in the center and a caption reading:

“From $0.62 – Special Price – Order Now Men’s Trial Pack”

Then the picture shifted to a huge jet with its nose pointed at me, implying that I would soon have great elevation. This message was shorter:

“Fast delivery World Wide”

This ad might have been good news to some, but, it deflated my self-image. You see, I don’t have any body parts that need enhanced. I gave birth to…

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Author Sharon Dillon

Author photo Sharon Dillon at 25% and 300 dpi
Laughter, Peace and Joy

Daniel Wetta Publishing is pleased to announce the webpage of author Sharon Dillon and the publication in e-book form and print of her first book, Echoes of Your Choices. For those who long that peace and joy would replace the pettiness, anger and frustrations of daily life, Sharon’s meditative and compassionate guide is a must to add to your personal library.

Ebook Cover Echoes at 25%

Click Here to Visit Sharon’s Web Page!

For several years, Sharon has delighted her followers through her posts on her blogsite entitled, “Laugh Your Way to Peace, Love and Joy.” In her first book, the author curates the best articles from these postings and arranges them in thematic chapters. Sharon’s mission from the beginning has been to write to bring peace, joy and laughter to all who seek to find a true and destined path in their hectic lives. Drawing from the pain and joy of her own life experiences, Sharon teaches practical methods for living a peaceful, happy and balanced life. The markers along the path that she sets for the reader, compassion and love, are the same as those she has established on her own path. Life, Sharon believes, must be fun as well as serious and spiritual as well as practical.



Over the years, Sharon has been a reporter for several newspapers and magazines in both Wisconsin and Virginia. Writing on a deadline helped her quickly hone her skills. She has loved books since the first time her mother read her a story. Always providing her new subjects for learning and personal growth, books have been a staple of her life, bringing her comfort, joy, shivers of fear, and the full spectrum of emotions. She grew up in Ohio, lived and worked in several states, and finally settled in Virginia after retiring from 25 years’ employment with the State of Wisconsin. She now works part-time jobs that are fun at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation. Meeting new people daily in these jobs provides her ideas for writing and expands her world view.


Click to See Sharon’s Blog: “Laugh Your Way to Peace, Love and Joy.”


The author is a frequent attendee of the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshops, a member of the Chesapeake Bay Writers, the Williamsburg Writers Group, the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, and Southern Humorists.

Echoes of Your Choices is now available in e-book form for $2.99 on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks and all online retail book sellers. The print version sells for $10.95 and is most easily available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and CreateSpace.

Below are the links to purchase the e-books from Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. Apple users may purchase through iBooks (via iTunes) on their Apple devices. Note that Smashwords makes available multiple downloads in all e-book file formats for one price (for readers who might like to have the book on multiple devices.)

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Sharon Dillon’s webpage address is

The Teacher Arrives in Unexpected Form


Daniel Scruggs

Daniel Scruggs is my good friend. Books could be written about his adventures around the world and his compassion for others. He is a humble teacher of magnitude 9. But in this six minute video, Daniel tells a story about his teacher: a 12-year-old, nearly blind drummer from a village in Ghana who arrived in Daniel’s school for a 10-month stay on a medical visa. What resulted from the meeting of Francis and Daniel will remain in your memory a long, long time. This is the story narrated by Daniel in his direct and engaging way. This is six-minute heart medicine for you:

I Want to be a Social Media Star!

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“Dear Sir or Madam, will you read my book?
It took me years to write, will you take a look?”

(Lyrics to “Paperback Writer,” © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Lennon and McCartney song writers)

No doubt, the Beatles were the greatest social media stars of their day, with press releases, movies with the same name as their albums, video clips, countless interviews in radio, television, magazines and periodicals worldwide, and the calculated first appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in the USA, where they ushered in the British Invasion (which lasted years). Everyone assumed that they were making billions of dollars. Celebrity and money went hand-in-hand in those days.

Flash forward fifty years. Could anyone have foreseen that people could become international sensations from the comfort of their homes and make absolutely no money, despite their celebrity? I see this all the time on YouTube and Instagram. Videos and photographs go viral on these media, and the creators draw hundreds of thousands or millions of followers who look forward to their next crazy posts or glimpses of their bodies. Most of these people are not earning money from this. They have dreams of doing well financially, perhaps from selling a product they promote or from sports/fitness counseling delivered through diets, workout routines, and online counseling. But only a very small percentage can quit their day jobs.

Featured Image -- 2128

Then there are authors like me. I honestly think there are more writers than readers these days. Actually, I am fairly certain of this. It doesn’t matter if one has a big publishing house behind him or her or if one is an independent author, the bid for the attention of people who do read books is excruciatingly hard work. Nowadays, you have to be a social media superstar just for people to be aware of you. But that does not mean anyone is going to buy your book.

I am everywhere in social media, and I love it. All over the world, people give  posts about my books their “likes,” thumbs-up, and smiley faces. I am followed on Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Goodreads, LinkedIn, Tumbler, and Pinterest. (I am totally clueless how to use that one!). It makes me feel very warm inside to have their support. I never knew I could have so many friends.

I just wish someone would buy my books.

That is the thing. Globally, we have moved into a zero-cost economy. Not even a marginal-cost one anymore. We all want things gratis, and the fact is that we can get wonderful software, applications, products, and music for free…and books.

Okay, so the musicians have developed a work-around by discovering that they have to go on the road to do concerts in order to make money, even if it is their third “Farewell Tour.” They are not receiving much in royalties anymore. The application vendors give away good software, and they make money by selling third-party ads and upgrades. (Selling upgrades to a fractional percentage of millions of users is their calculated gamble.) And authors?

So far, we are giving material away for free in the hope that if someone likes it, they might buy our “premium” works. I have two novels available, so I wrote “prequels” to those novels as free introductions to the stories.


I have five years experience in using social media to promote books now, and I have advice for authors who hope to sell books: First, write excellent material which is well edited. Then make sure your stories, books, poems etc. display well through their cover art. Produce a portfolio of material that is available as soon as possible. Get involved in social media communities and be consistent with your postings. Think of yourself and your work as a brand. Separate your personal postings from your commercial ones. If you are not “techy” or social-media knowledgeable, hire someone to do this for you.

I actually love using social media. I want to be a SM super-star! In fact, I snuck little photos in this post to break up narrative with visual images so you might not become bored. And if you click on the photos, you get a surprise! But all of this activity online that I enjoy has roots in my heart from the stories I tell about heroes, lovers, the righting of horrible injustices, and the transformations in people’s lives when they confront uncommon good or frightening evil. I have met the composite characters in my novels in real life. They humble me, and I want to honor them. I write about them because their stories are thrilling and their courage inspirational.

cropped-daniel-in-mexico-july-17-2009.jpgSo here comes the free stuff: Click the link to this page on my website. You can read about the two short stories and how to deliver them to your electronic reader. (Kindle, Nook, Apple or computer. It’s easy). If you want print editions of anything, go to Amazon and search my name under “Daniel Wetta.” You will find there also the books of my father and all the wonderful independent authors who have trusted their publishing to me.

Click here for Awakening and Nightfire!

These have taken me years to write. Would you take a look? (Paste smiley-face here).


CakeAlicious on Cake Wars!

Alice Cooke 33 percent.jpg

The exciting news in Williamsburg, Virginia today involves my associate and friend, Alice Cooke, the owner of CakeAlicious Design Studio in the New Town planned community. The word is out that CakeAlicious will compete in Cake Wars on Food Network, and the airing will be at 9 p.m. on August 8, 2016!

If you are in the Williamsburg area, it is worth a trip to our local, favorite, gourmet coffee shop, where you can indulge in cupcakes, pastries, baked goodies and confections, Cake Wars Promoand Alice’s homemade gelato. Alice is a highly talented and artistic baker who has done thousands of award winning cakes for weddings, birthdays and many special events over the years.

You may wonder what this has to do with books or publishing! I think Alice’s life is inspirational and am hoping to convince her to write a book or memoir. In addition to that, did you know that cakes have played an important role in history? In the 1830s, Mexico and France waged battle in The Pastry War over (among other things) unpaid bakery debts. And although Marie Antoinette didn’t actually say, “Let the people eat cake,” that slogan has become the icon of class indifference to the poor in the centuries since it was attributed to her.

Ultimately, life boils down to what is sweet and what is not. My novels and those of the authors whose works I have published write about heart. It is important that we remember what is good and fun in life. I can think of nothing more delicious or anticipatory than watching pastry chefs compete to produce the best-judged cake…except tasting it at the end! You can meet Alice and see the wonderful creations made in the CakeAlicious Design Studio on its website by clicking this link: And please tune in this Monday night to see the outcome of the competition and how our hometown favorite did on Cake Wars!