What Ever Happened to Sport?


Daniel tree cropped at1200 dpi and 15%As things turned out, M. J. Scott and I ended up co-authoring the novel, Sport’s Alien Fantasy. I came aboard late: The novel was first written by M. J. Scott (Marilyn) in rough draft form in 1986, shortly after the horrifying explosion of the Challenger spacecraft in which the astronauts on board perished, including beloved school teacher, Christa McAuliffe. Marilyn had written it fast, in about a week, and then it sat nearly 30 years put away in a binder! Marilyn let me take a look at it last year. As editor and publisher of some of her books, I was curious to see it. Immediately, I recognized the extraordinary story within the draft novel’s pages. Scott and Wetta then agreed to corroborate on a re-writing to submit to Amazon’s Kindle Scout campaign. There, the novel garnered nearly a thousand nominations for publication and spent time on the “Hot and Trending” list.

MJ Scott in New Town at 10 percentMarilyn  and I believe that this story of a school teacher who must endure the ordeal of a grueling road trip in 1986 in order to determine if her memories of an alien childhood are real or crazy is set to make everyone question themselves when they make judgements about others. Inspired by the life of teacher Christa McAuliffe, Sport takes Christa with her to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello during the Easter break of the students and teachers. It is the beginning of a journey into the unexpected, and it holds a mirror to the faces of people in rural Virginia in the time when our current orientation to a global community was just beginning.

So, a good part of the story takes place in the 1980s, when today’s digital and international connectivity began to make its impact on man’s daily life on earth. The authors believe that the global connections and disconnections prevalent among human relationships today can be understood in the symbolism of the Challenger explosion. In the novel, Sport compels the reader to feel the sadness that fearful unwillingness to help others can inflict upon those in dire need, but she also thrills us with the joy of self-realization.

Sport finds a new beginning and a new ending. She lives to be, perhaps, the extra-terrestrial being who can teach us what we need to know to master living and loving one another on our stressed planet.

Author M. J. Scott and I are currently soliciting a small number of people to be on a “launch team” prior to a major publicity campaign in the first half of June. Our goal is to have honest reviews of the book on the novel’s Amazon purchase page when the official launch begins. Please consider doing this. The novel is unusual and special, in my opinion, and I think is best described as being in the “magical realism” genre. At 50,000 words, it is relatively short. We are requesting that you join our team now by purchasing the book from Amazon, reading it, and rating it on the Amazon site prior to June 5, 2017. The e-book is less expensive at $3.99. The print edition is beautiful and sells for $9.95. The reason we are asking for purchase is that Amazon then shows the rating as coming from an “Amazon certified purchase,” which lends credibility to the rating.
Let us know if you think that Sport makes an impact on your world view. Here is the link: Click here to visit Sport’s page on Amazon!

P.S.: This book is free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers!

Guest Blog: Catching Love!


M. J. Scott (USA)

I have had the pleasure of publishing two of M. J. Scott’s books, Power Steering and Power Steering 2, which serve as great vehicles for her selfless words of encouragement and enrichment to all her readers. Marilyn is a great believer in positivity and the healing power of love. Although she is a Christian, her works approach God in a universal way so that believers of all faiths can relate to the successes she reveals from trust in higher power.  “Catching Love” is her Easter blog, decidedly Christian, a true celebration of risen spirit. I am pleased to distribute it this Holy Week of 2017.


 When emotions curl up around your mind and heart, it’s time to find the welcoming message and share it! This can’t wait until there’s time and money locked into a concrete set of plans. This is an elusive feeling that can’t be contained by ribbons or kept on a branch.

Reach for its essence – wordless feelings placed on this earth parcel by God through His Son to radiate His wealth of giving Love.

More than a feeling, it is a mysterious element meant to bring humanity the freedom of inner expression. Think of a bearing of light-like candles waiting for a match to illuminate. What is provided? The greatest giving that transcends our understanding of the hope that was presented at the manger of life-filled purpose. The Child of the Heavenly Father grew into the creative source of Light and Love, brought as a gift from Above. Words only pour forth from the unseen revealing of a desire to place Love on the Altar of Faith. The great altar became a cross that was crooked and bent, but living tall now in the springtime blossoming of the dogwood tree. The Easter Resurrection can only be described through the heart rending moments of crucifixion, in yielding life hidden in a tomb, and through the great rock of silence broken on Easter Morning!

Lo, the rising of the Master of the Universe!

Christ, who spread his teachings, is the Light of Love that will never be doused when flames of rage fill the unheeding hearts. His understanding reaches out to those who as yet are unprotected; namely, the ones who cannot recognize and accept His Love.

Catching Love is gentle like the notes of music that have been composed by the artists as their gifts too. These meld into a creative blend of love that melts the hardened hearts in the warmth of discovering how life is really intended.

Easter is God’s renewable gift to the world to grow His Garden of Believers. These find nourishment in their willingness to open arms and accept that God’s spring opens them to the very heart of life.

In the current events of history, it appears that the saddest tomb is the darkened one holding those still unwilling to receive the Light of Love.

For all, the greatest Easter is within reach! The Love extended provides the most wonderful happiness of life.

Scribed through service, Marilyn J. Asprey (Author M. J. Scott, USA)

Member, St. Stephen Lutheran Church. Williamsburg, Virginia

Power Steering 2 Cover at 17 percent

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Is Sport Alien or Crazy? On a Mission or Escape?

Sport has memories of multiple births. She remembers flights through space and vistas of vibrant silo cities in colorful, faraway lands. People she invents in imagination come alive. Her parents and educators think she’s crazy. Her 1986 road trip is disastrous, and Sport, the cheerful school teacher, is refused help again and again. People gossip that she ages too slowly. Her admirers have questions to which Sport has no answers. But a child savant helps her understand her destiny in Sport’s Alien Fantasy!

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Help the Alien Get Published!


Is she alien or angel? On a mission or escape?Proxima_liftoff from esa.int at 20 percent

Sport has memories of multiple births. She remembers flights through space and vistas of vibrant silo cities in colorful, faraway lands. People she invents in imagination come alive. Her parents and educators think she’s crazy. Her 1986 road trip is disastrous, and Sport, the cheerful school teacher, is refused help again and again. People gossip that she ages too slowly. Her admirers have questions to which Sport has no answers. But a child savant helps her understand her destiny.

M. J. Scott’s First Novel Accepted on Kindle Scout Online!

MJ Scott in New Town at 10 percentHelp Marilyn (M. J. Scott) get an Amazon publishing contract! Amazon accepted Marilyn’s new book, Sport’s Alien Fantasy, into the 30-day Kindle Scout campaign where readers help Amazon decide which novels to publish! Sport’s Alien Fantasy will be up on the Kindle Scout site 30 days to receive votes (nominations). You can go online and see the book cover, description of the novel and an excerpt of several pages. Beginning March 10 and for 30 days, if Marilyn’s book receives enough nominations, the Amazon editors will examine it to decide if they think it should be published. If so, the author receives a small advance and a five-year publishing contract with Amazon! If it is published, the readers who recommend it receive free early editions of this novel of magical realism.

Here is the link to see the book on Kindle Scout: Click Here to See Sport’s Alien Fantasy on Kindle Scout!

Sport’s Alien Fantasy will interest readers who like strong female lead characters and who enjoy the genres of literary fiction, science fiction, fantasy and magical realism. The novel is also suitable for young adults, especially because it deals with Sport’s childhood as well as her future life as an educator helping special children.

Once you are viewing Sport’s Alien Fantasy, I am positive that you will agree it is worth your nomination. It is certainly worthy of publication and support from Amazon to help its sales! Take a look at it, enjoy the excerpt and hit the “Nominate Me” button!

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Borealis wea01001 at 33 percentYou do need an Amazon account in order to qualify to vote. If you ever have bought anything from Amazon, including e-books on your Kindle, then you already have an Amazon account. If you need one, all you do is supply your e-mail address (which becomes your User ID), and you make your own password. You are not asked for a credit card number or any other information. To set up the account, simply click this link: https://www.amazon.com/       and click the “Sign In” button in the upper right part of the screen. Click “Create New Account,” provide your email address and make up a password. That’s it, and you’re in!

Visit M. J. Scott’s webpage to learn more about this vibrant and productive author and her four other published books!



Special Week for Readers!


This week, March 5-11, 2017, is the annual Smashwords’ “Read an E-book Week” during which readers can get free downloads or deeply discounted books by participating authors. This includes four of the authors who have published with my company. I cannot imagine it, but  there are some people who still have not tried reading e-books. I do understand that most of us enjoy the feel of pages in our fingers, yet e-readers offer very enabling advantages, such as ability to change font and size for eye convenience, daniel-ebook-week-at-10-percent  ability to read in the dark, the feature of looking up word definitions and Wikipedia information without leaving the page, the purchase of additional books from online stores without moving, and the ability to store your entire library safely backed up on a cloud…no worry of fires destroying all!   Now you can see why Smashwords likes to celebrate this week. It offers a chance to acquaint readers to another way of enjoying books, magazines and stories. As you read this blog post, click on any of the photos to download the free or discounted books or short stories. The photos are links.

Parent’s Playbook by Bill Holland, PhD, is a mini-book that is spot-on with seven rules for parents about teaming with their child to complete the steps that guarantee success in finding a lucrative job and career after college graduation.bill-ebook-week-at-12-percent Bill’s book, while slanted to parents of student-athletes, is perfect in general for parents of kids of all ages, especially those in ninth grade and up. Handy and specific, this playbook helps student and parent avert the disasters of under-employment after college. Bill is an award-winning college professor, business executive, nationally recognized career management guru, author of four books on career management and the principal founder of College to Career Catalyst, LLC. Parent’s Playbook is on sale this week for $2.50, a fifty percent discount.

Sharon Dillon’s offering is Echoes of Your Choices (Laughter, Peace and Joy). Sharon is an author, blogger and humorist who has been a multi-year participant in the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop in Ohio. sharon-ebook-at-12-percentHer stressful life of marriages, living all over the world as a military wife, raising children, graduating college at age 47, working as newspaper columnist and managing career led her to search for the path to peace and laughter and joy. Several years ago, Sharon began consistent blogging and developed a following of people attracted to her common-sense, tranquilizing and universal style of guidance to a balanced life. This blog, “Thoughts to Ponder,” became the basis for her humorous and calming book. Echoes of Your Choices is on sale this week for $1.50, a fifty percent discount.

M. J. Scott is author of four non-fiction books with a fifth book, a novel called Sport’s Alien Fantasy, about to be published by Daniel Wetta Publishing. Marilyn has two sale offerings this week: Power Steering and Power Steering 2. Marilyn has written most of her life, and her writing style has been described as narrative poetry. A self-described “country girl,” she has traveled in all fifty states, many of them for years via an Airstream travel trailer. marilyn-ebook-week-second-photo-at-13-percent-ps-2-collageAlways fascinated with spirituality and destiny, Marilyn developed the concept of “power steering” which she uses in a car analogy to describe higher power working in people to enable them to find their best destiny. To rely on “power steering” is to learn to meditate and quietly hear the speaking of intuition and then to trust it. Her career as an educator and her inspirational works have been factors in her receiving the Excellence Award by “Women of Distinction” online. The two Power Steering volumes are on sale this week for $1.50 each, a fifty percent discount.

Master artist and author Dan Wetta, now 89 years old, continues to astound with his prolific painting and story-telling. Dan (my father) has now published 7 illustrated e-books and 3 illustrated books in print through Daniel Wetta Publishing. His lifetime collection of paintings, cartoons and stories are documented in these works. They fill a canvas of the artist’s life, an interesting journey through time and the old South that begins with a childhood in New Orleans and education in a Benedictine Seminary.artist-dan-wetta-ebook-week-at-11-percent Normally $2.99, his offering this week is FREE on Smashwords. One of the seven e-books, New Orleans in my Mind goes deep into recollections by the author of his childhood in New Orleans and his high school and early college education at St. Joseph’s, a Benedictine seminary and monastery, during the 1930s and 40s. You will love seeing his color illustrations and cartoons in the book that highlight his stories.


Finally, I would feel so honored for readers to download my two short stories, “Awakening from the Golden Sleep” and “Nightfire!” from Smashwords.daniel-ebook-week-collage-at-12-percent I wrote these as prequels to my two novels but constructed the stories to stand alone and apart from them. They are always free on Smashwords, but please try them this week and see if I whet your appetite to read the novels. Now ask yourself, “Is there any better week to read an e-book?”


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I’ll Make You a Bet, All on Me!


Ana Valdez and Día Fuego de Noche Will Melt Your Hearts!

So far, there have been over 725 downloads of my free short stories, “Awakening from the Golden Sleep” and “Nightfire!” I have probably sent out over a hundred more in .pdf formats to people who wanted to read these stories on their computer or print them on paper. The short stories have always been free e-books. What I am  hoping is that there are thousands more who will want to know the protagonists, Ana and Día, in these stories and follow them with excitement into my novels, The Z Redemption and Corvette Nightfire.

In both novels, Ana Valdez is the Mexican homemaker who becomes the fiery populist leader of Mexico when the corrupt government of her country falls to a military coup. She teams up with gringo David James, an ex-CIA operative with special interests in justice, to rally Mexico’s young people to join the “Zs” in a fight against the drug cartels and those wishing to use the country’s instability for enormous and unethical personal gain. Passionate in her love for David and for the Mexican people who have suffered horrible injustices, Ana inspires ordinary people to become heroes in actions against overwhelming odds. Many readers have said that they loved the character of Ana and felt her to be a real woman who might be born of situations like those in the novel that so closely parallel current events in Mexico and the United States.


The comments of readers about Ana caused me to think about what things in her life before the story opens would have molded her strong character. So I imagined her privileged childhood in Mazatlán, Mexico, the Pacific resort city that at one time was the vacation destination of choice for the Hollywood elite of its Golden Era. Ana was a child there in the 1980s. If she would one day become the future President of Mexico, what would happen in her life that would incite the transformation from innocence to awareness and passion? I traveled to Mazatlán in my heart and observed her. The result is the short story, “Awakening from the Golden Sleep.”


There was a different job to do to provide background for Corvette Nightfire, the protagonist of the novel with the same name. When the novel opens, Corvette is a player at the final table of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. He is single, sexy and has groupies. His short Mexican father met his tall British mother on a cruise and married soon after. Corvette was their only child. He inherited their ability to dance, and his father taught him poker at an early age. What Corvette did not know was the mystery of his grandparents on his father’s side, who they were and what they did that sealed his fate fifty years later. When I wrote Corvette Nightfire, I hinted about them, but the fun thing was to write a prequel about the grandparents when they were young and their story of  a clash of cultures.


Click photo for free download

I did a lot of research on the indigenous people of Northern Mexico and discovered the amazing Rarámuri people, popularly mis-called the Tarahumara, who are famous for running for days without stopping between settlements in the Copper Canyons in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. Their history is fascinating. It gave me the perfect setting for the plotting of Corvette’s unknown grandparents, Día and Luna, in “Nightfire!” I believe you will agree with me that theirs is a very unique story if you read it.

And that is what I am asking you to do! I wrote these two free stories just for you, and my wager is that if you read them, you will want to read the novels to know more about these characters. I ask that if you haven’t done so, download the stories to your e-book readers (Kindle, Nook, iPad, Kobo etc.) or to your PC. Just click on the book cover photos that I have here in this post, and you will be taken to the Smashwords download page for that story. You can download any or all file formats for free as often as you like. And if you have any problems, I am happy to email you a .pdf version if you simply contact me.

The bet is on! I wager that Ana and Día will get to you with their stories, and you will not forget them. As for me, I want to feel the happiness in my heart that someone is reading about them. And I don’t mind a bit if you share the links with others. Please do!








Review of Winning Texas by Nancy Stancill


Masterful Storytelling Again!

Annie Price, the Houston newspaper reporter protagonist of the first novel (Saving Texas), is back four years later, a little more mature, less boozy, dealing better with personal issues of career and men, and smart and sexy as ever. Many of the characters of the first novel continue in the second. The author, Nancy Stancill, is a masterful plotter, and her consistent characters definitely hatch plots! Which ones are good, which ones have reformed evil ways, and which ones are killing off those who try to interfere with the Texas secessionist movement challenge the reader throughout the novel to guess what happens next.

The author’s background as an investigative reporter in Texas and North Carolina brings authenticity to her stories. She is also a Texas historian who entertains the reader in interesting ways about the German communities in that state, the operations of international crime there, and, of course, the culture that makes Texas a “cowboy state” in more ways than one.

The beginning of Winning Texas grabbed me, and the last half of the book would not let me go. Once again, I sense another Annie Price novel coming, and I can’t wait to read what Annie will be doing next. If you require that novels kidnap you for two or three days of can’t-put-it-down excitement, then this is one for you!

Winning Texas, Black Rose Writing, May, 2016